Netizen Shares: Our Government Takes Talented People For Granted, Seeks Job Abroad Instead

1910230_1106153506062608_4231818924324289343_nMiguel shares the conversation that he had while he was in Japan for vacation. As he was lining up outside of a restaurant, he struck conversation with a fellow pinoy who was based there. They talked about the man’s background of studying in PSCI (Philippine Science High School) and then in the University of the Philippines majoring in Engineering. Not long after 2 years, he was immediately approved by the Japanese government to study at the University of Tokyo where he studied a very specialized course. Everything was paid for: his school tuition, his dormitory and even is school materials.

When asked by Miguel if he had any plans going back to the Philippines after he graduates and working there. The man chuckled at the thought and shared his experience of trying to get support from the Philippine government but he was always put on hold.

Read on to find out Miguel’s commentary on leaving the country for better opportunities and how the government of the Philippines is “All Talk, No Action”

“While I was in Japan, waiting in line for a Ramen restaurant. I met a fellow Filipino who was living in Japan for almost 2 years now. I was able to start a conversation with him since I overheard him speaking in tagalog. I asked him if he was here for business or for pleasure. He told me that he is finishing his thesis studies at the University of Tokyo. I asked him why does he want to study here. He mentioned that he is a full subsidized scholar by the Japanese government including his school materials and rent for the dormitory where he is staying. He also mentioned that he is taking up Industrial engineering specialized on soil development foundations for high rise structures. I was quite surprised because this course is quite rare and only a few brilliant minds were able to graduate in this course. Due to the fact that this course is specialized for studying the soil composition and structural strength management for buildings. 

He studied high school at Philippine Science High school. That alone impressed me already since students who study at PSCI are known to be very talented. For college he studied at University of the Philippines where he took up engineering as well for only 2 years since he received a full scholarship from the University of Tokyo. I asked him “will you come back to the Philippines to work there?” He laughed as he said “I tried to work there but wala talagang suporta doon, I approached a Philippine government agency for financial support but they keep putting me on hold”. 

He then told me the reason why he wanted to stay and work in Japan. He explained that after he graduates he is assured a job at one of Japan’s top research company plus he is rewarded with a high position instantly. I felt very proud of him since he has come a long way, his education and hard work took him to places. However, what’s sad is that we are losing brain power and human capital which is key for our countries development. 

I DEFINITELY DO NOT BLAME HIM for leaving our country since the Japanese government gave him all the support needed for him to grow plus he is assured a high paying job at one of Japans top firm. I completely look up to their government since they completely supported him even though he was not a home grown Japanese citizen. ANYONE would take that opportunity. What’s really disappointing is that our Philippine Government does not do anything whatsoever to help our talented people grow. Naturally these talents will search for better opportunities abroad. 

Instead of our country benefiting from our talented people they migrate to search for better employment. As an effect, that country where he or she goes will benefit the most because of his or her skills. 

This particular example is what separates our government from other governments. Our government talks about change and many political aspects. In short they do TOO MUCH TALKING with NO ACTION. 

Other governments just like Japan. FOCUS on the development of their citizens because at the end the citizens are the ones who will create the success or failure of the economy. 

It was quite disheartening to hear that our government takes these talented people for granted. They spend so much time and money on nothing that nothing really happens afterwards. Then when a Filipino happens to be successful abroad, the whole Philippine government/media takes the credit as they use the phrase “proud to be pinoy”. When in fact, they were not at any point an instrument to his or her success. 

Our government should focus on our peoples development. The government should subsidize their education and support them by giving them the right paying jobs they deserve. They should entice them to stay at our home country to help the Philippines progress. If our government continues to neglect our peoples education, talents and potentials. Then the Philippines will continue to be DOOMED for many generations. 

It takes years and years to find a talented individual, but it only takes seconds to lose one.”

Fairly great point by Miguel. Do you agree with him? 


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