Netizen Outraged: Claims to Have Been Given Fake Beer

We’ve heard a lot of fake products going around and making its way to the market. Some of these include fake rice and fake noodles, just recently, one concerned citizen from Pasig claims she was delivered some fake beer!

Kristine M. shares these photos along with this caption:

“Ayos ang beer! Napepeke na din!! May nagdeliver kanina sa bahay pang tinda. Kung wala pa nagbalik di namin malalaman! Kakapal ng mukha manloko ng tao. Very alarming kase paano kung may nakainom? Lason ang laman o kung ano pa ang laman nyan? Beware sa mga nagtitinda pick up na kotse ang nagdedeliver. #redhorse #peke #fake #sanmiguelbeer #sanmiguelbeercorporation”

Rough English Transation:

“Wow, there’s also fake beer now!!” Someone delivered this beer to our house earlier for reselling. If our customer had not returned it, we wouldn’t even know! Thick skinned people tricking us. Very alarming, what if someone had drank it? Who knows what was inside, might have even been poison. To resellers, beware of someone in a pick up car delivering these fake beers!”


Fake-Beer-in-Manila-03  Fake-Beer-in-Manila-02


Yikes! We really need to be extra careful in everything we purchase nowadays! So better check all the beer before you get drunk and wasted! (kidding)

What do you guys think of this?


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