9 Cute and Crazy Promposal Stories that Will Make You Miss Your High School Prom

Words by: Kiana Palacios


Junior year wouldn’t be complete without prom. That one day when you feel like a princess, being pampered, getting ready for the night you’ve only been dreaming of. Girls and boys alike have had their own share of promposal stories, or the nerve to ask someone to go to prom with them. Some turn out perfectly, while others–well, let’s just say they think out of the box.

To celebrate the coming of this season once more, here are 9/10 promposal stories that are guaranteed to spark those memories of your own prom, no matter how long ago they were.

Human invitation


In high school, my friend promposed by writing P R O M ? on the bellies of our 5 friends. They did it in school pa and exposed their bodies lol

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“Cause baby you’re a firework” – Katy Perry


I know someone who really got fireworks so he could ask a girl to prom.



My friend kidnapped her prom date, blindfolded him, and made him go to the village clubhouse where she put like a row of candles and she was at the end with a “prom” sign.

“Charlie, it’s a golden ticket!”


My prom date and I super bonded over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I made him a special golden ticket that said “prom.”

Going old-school


Someone asked me to prom over Y!M (Yahoo Messenger) HAHA

Well, that was unexpected…


I have a friend whose male friend just wrote “PROM?” on his abs and walked up to her for the invite. She said yes.

Cut from the same paper


When I was in high school I knew I was gay but not out. And being in a private Christian school we had to do the traditional boy brings girl to prom. So since we can only bring our juniors I asked a lesbian friend if she’d join me and her mouth dropped because she had wanted to go but never expected anyone to invite her as well.

Just like a fairytale


I had these two friends in high school (guy and girl) and they’ve been best friends forever, they did almost everything together, wore matching Halloween costumes and stuff. My school has an annual cultural festival and the girl performed with her group of friends. The guy went up on the stage after their performance and gave this super sweet speech in front of our whole school [that ended with him asking her to prom]

Better than a soap opera


I was in my third year (HS), dating a super nice guy at the time. Of course, it was already an unspoken agreement that we would be each other’s date. Unbeknownst to me, my ex-boyfriend (who was my childhood sweetheart/really close family friend, fully aware that I was already dating another guy) asked my mom if we could go to the venue together. I was all made up when I found out. So there he was, my ex boyfriend, holding a single white Ecuadorian rose, waiting for me at the front door, asking if he could just literally take me to (the) prom (venue). What else was there to do? I arrived at the venue with my ex-boyfriend (to everyone’s shock), but spent the rest of the night with a completely different guy (to everyone’s entertainment).

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