Need Help for Baby Sleep? Here’s What you Need!

If there is something that all moms will agree with, it’s probably how hard to sleep and how they can put the little ones to sleep.

Since I will become a new mom, I want to be ready for what’s in store especially once my baby is born. I want to make sure that we both get enough rest so we can recover and she can grow healthier once outside the womb. I always loved sleeping so it’s pretty important to me that my baby will get quality sleep as well.

One thing that my mom friends told me is to make sure I get quality swaddles. According to doctors, swaddling really helps newborns rest and helps them to calm down with their new environment outside the womb. It also adds a sense of security for the babies especially when they do sudden jerks or experience startle-reflex.

One brand that I found is SwaddiesPH, they pride themselves of products that will help your baby get quality sleep. They offer swaddles, blankets, onesies and bedmats that are must-haves for baby sleeping.

Here are some of our favorite products!


If you are afraid that your baby will leak through his nappies or just need a surface to clean him/her up, this is what you need.

Swaddies 2

SwaddiesPH’s water absorbent bedmats are perfect especially for newborns. If you are co-sleeping with your little one, you can also use this for your bed so you can avoid stains.


The back part of the bedmat has small rubber dots which secures it in place when you use it. It has 6-layer cotton gauze layers to make sure it’s absorbent. You don’t have to worry about bedsores because the materials are breathable!


These are definitely must-haves! From the old-school swaddling, you can now have an easier time wrapping up your little one as SwaddiesPH has PH Infant Velcro Swaddle Wraps that are 100% cotton and with adjustable velcros for snug fit.

Swaddies 3

They have different colors and designs to make sure you get something that matches your personality and your babies!



If you saw those cute onesies from Pinterest, it’s sure that you will love SwaddiesPH’s onesies. Their Infant hooded onesies that can fit up to 24months will make your little one comfortable and warm during sleep.

Swaddies 1

The onesies come in different colors so you have choices on how to dress up your baby.


If you need help for your infant’s sleeping, check out these products!