Need a Massage? Here’s Where You Can Safely Book a Home Service Session

We are all in a pandemic fatigue and even though we are spending most of our time at the comforts of our own home, we need some rest and relaxation. One way to get rid of our pandemic stress is a nice long massage but how do we get one safely?

MassageMNL has been one of the leading home service massage businesses for a few years already and it had gained loyal following from different cities whether it’s for your traditional massages or specialized ones.

With their staff vaccinated and with weekly testing at their headquarters, MassageMNL makes sure that their therapists and riders are healthy so they can serve clients properly and safely. All their therapists are serviced to and from by in-house riders to make sure they have limited contact with other people.

Upon arrival to the client’s home, the therapists will change their clothes to make sure they are clean when doing the massage. They also show their health clearances to the client so they are sure that their documents and tests are up to date.

MassageMNL has been known for their specialized massages like their pre-natal, post-natal, lactation, sports, lympathic drainage and myofascial massage. These specialized massages are perfect for the majority of the population who are staying at home like the pregnant women, kids, babies, those with injuries and other illnesses.

We have known MassageMNL’s services through their pre-natal and post-natal massages which has been easing up the body pains of mothers all over the Philippines. It is the preferred company by most moms because of it’s safety and thorough knowledge of their services

Their pre-natal and post-natal massage are perfectly safe for women who are 16weeks or more. If the woman has sensitive pregnancy, she needs a clearance from her OB to get the massage. MassageMNl aims to keep their clients safe while offering to soothe their aches and stress.

Another specialized massage that is gaining popularity is their lympathic drainage massage that helps flush out metabolic waste, excess fluids and toxins. It detoxifies your body while soothing your muscles. It also helps boost your immune system, reduce water retention and treat lympodoema.

MassageMNL’s Myofascial is also a must-try. It eliminates pain and tension to help body posture and motion. By manipulating the myofascial, physical and energetic constrictions are released, opening areas that may feel stuck.

Ready to get your much needed massage?

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