NBA Trades 2011: ‘Lakers’ Lamar Odom, Any Takers?

It’s true. Los Angeles Lakers did attempt to trade NBA’s 2010-2011 ‘Sixth Man of the Year’ Lamar Odom for Derrick Williams, the No. 2 Draft Pick newly acquired by Minnesotta Timberwolves. However, both parties did not agree on a mutual decision so the trade was cancelled.


lamar odom funny

"Boo-hoo!" Poor thing.


Timberwolves might have agreed to the trade if they’ll get either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum. But Lakers refused to take their offer (obviously).


Odom donning a Timberwolves uniform doesn’t seem necessary for Minnesotta because they already have Kevin Love to rely on. But I think when you look at it from another angle, Odom is already 31 and we don’t know if he can still keep up by the time the Timberwolves would start gaining momentum again.


When asked about the possibility of joining the Timberwolves, Odom said he would vow to retire first. Maybe it’s about time.


Now that a Williams-Odom trade-off is out of the issue, rumors are spreading that the Lakers are eyeing on Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala. But I’ve heard that even the 76ers aren’t keen on adopting Odom anytime soon.


So, looks like a “Khloe and Lamar in Minnesotta” wouldn’t happen anytime soon. *sigh* Who cares anyway? LOL


When In Manila fans, can you think of any NBA player whom you think would make a good trade-off for Odom? Why? LOL