NBA FIT and Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra promote health and wellness

When In Manila, one must learn to stay in shape and be healthy. Last July 27, NBA Fit came to the Philippines for the second time to promote health and wellness to the Philippine community. The two-week NBA program aimed to educate Filipinos on the physical, mental and emotional benefits of healthy living.








Basketball clinics, development camps, NBA Fit challenges and even a fun run were organized to better motivate and inspire kids and adults to live healthier lives.








During the weekend at the SM Mall of Asia, I got the chance to witness the NBA Fit program in action and got the chance to meet Filipino-American Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra, who is an NBA Fit member and the NBA Ambassador of the Philippines.









There were fun activities for kids, such as a dancing class, Kung Fu lessons and Taekwondo demonstrations. Several sponsors like Head & Shoulders, Air21, Energen, Alaska and Gatorade held their own games that involved Coach Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat coaching staff.









Coach Spo even gave a short basketball clinic for the kids and taught them some defensive drills. The kids were so into it and you could tell how much fun they were having. The fact that Coach Spo, an NBA Coach who was teaching them stuff they teach to Miami Heat players in practice, put smiles on their faces.









And when Coach Spo grabbed the mic and talked inspirational words to them, they listened very attentively. Even I learned a few things by just watching them. After one of the shootout games, I got a chance to sneak in a photo with Coach Spoelstra, unfortunately he wasn’t looking at the camera.









NBA Fit is sure to come back to the Philippines next year, Coach Spo said so himself. That got the crowd cheering. But you don’t need the NBA Fit program to keep you healthy. You can think of your own ways to keep fit, and it’s not just by playing basketball. Exercise, keeping a balanced diet, getting proper sleep are just a few things you can do to keep that body of yours in good shape. So When In Manila, make your own NBA FIT pledge and join one million other kids, adults and families in being more physically active and healthy!









 NBA FIT and Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra promote health and wellness



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