Nate Ruess Rocks Manila During His Intimate Performance at Kia Theater

American Singer-Songwriter Nate Ruess just rocked the Kia Theater with hits from his debut album, Great Big Storm, as well as some classic songs from his band, Fun. It was definitely a night to remember, with Nate serenading hundreds of excited fans, dancing and jumping on stage like there’s no tomorrow.


Opening up the show was the young and talented Inigo Pascual, who sang and danced the latest hits like Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’. He showcased his talent both on singing and dancing, and despite admitting that he was nervous, he did deliver well, and he did deliver good.


By the time that Nate Ruess stepped up on the stage, everybody was pumped up and ready to rock and roll. Starting off the set with his song, Great Big Storm, Nate proved that he was awesome not only on the record, but was actually better doing it live. His voice was immaculate, hitting all the right notes and belting out the lyrics like no other.


Known not only for his edgy voice but also for his talent in creating music, Nate gave the fans a taste of his other works, singing some bits of Kesha’s “We’re Gonna Die Young“, as well as singing his full version of “Just Give Me A Reason,” which he collaborated on with Pink. Surely, the fans loved every bit of it, singing along and even hitting the highest notes on the song. If you remember, the song was a huge hit by the time that it was released, and in the Philippines alone, we were bombarded by it through radio stations left and right. And surely, that phenomenon was still so evident during his performance.


He also performed a great number of songs from his album, crooning everyone with his singles like “Nothing Without Love” and “Harsh Light“. If there is one word that we’d love to describe Nate Ruess, it would definitely be ENERGETIC. Through out his set, he exuded a great deal of energy that just goes through the room, creating a contagious feel of rock and roll. As he jumped around with his crazy moves, we couldn’t help but just go with it and do our little shake, too.


And of course, his concert wouldn’t feel complete without him singing some of the hit singles that they had when he was still performing with Fun. He sang “Carry On” and “We Are Young,” to which devoted fans responded to with screams. He closed the show and sang “Some Nights” during the encore, inviting fans to give out their all and just feel the music as he ended the concert. Surely, the fans didn’t fail to give their best, and we finished the concert feeling exhilarated and happy.


Kia Theater only provided a couple of thousand seats, but the performance felt huge and larger than what it was. It was intimate, it was vibrant, and most of all, it was fun.

“I really wanna come back soon. I love you Manila,” Nate said before he closed the show. Well, Nate, we love you too, and we can’t wait for you to come back and rock with us again. To more wonderful music. Until next time.