5 Nate Ruess Songs That We Can’t Wait to Hear At His Concert Tomorrow!

Nate Ruess arriving at NAIA.

Nate Ruess arriving at NAIA. Photo by Stephen Lavoie


The American Singer-Songwriter and ‘Fun.’ front man, Nate Ruess, is just got here in Manila and we’re so excited to see him perform tomorrow! From belting out high notes on his top charting songs like “Carry On” and “Just Give Me A Reason” to crooning ladies with his enchanting ballads, we are pretty sure that the night would be nothing but magical. We’ve listed down the top 5 songs that we just can’t wait to hear (and probably, you guys feel the same way too).


1. Nothing Without Love

Released last February 2015, Nothing Without Love is Ruess’ debut single as a solo artist. He sings “I am nothing without love / I’m but a ship stuck in the sand / Some would say that I’m all alone / But I am, I’m nothing without love” — that’s definitely one big hugot right there that we can all relate to.


2. Take it Back

In this very indie-feeling song, Ruess addresses loneliness and sings lines that hits so close to home, such as “I wanna hold you tight / These days turn so lonely tonight / I wanna kiss your lips and get away“.  I guess when it comes to longing, Nate Ruess isn’t the only one who feels that way.


3. AhHa


We surely can’t wait to do some crazy head bangs and scream to the top of our lungs with this energizing rock song. AhHa is Nate’s second single from his solo album, ‘Grand Romantic’.


4. Carry On

One of their band’s biggest hits, “Carry On”, is a song about moving forward and marching on despite all the emotional battles that a person may go through. Because eventually, at the end of the day, “we will find our way home“.


5. We Are Young

Arguably their biggest hit as a band, We Are Young was one of fun’s most requested hits all over the world. With the promise that “we can grow brighter than the sun“, the song is definitely an empowering one, giving hopes to those who feel lost and hopeless.


Bonus: Just Give Me A Reason

Because seriously, why not? I bet you still know all the lyrics of this song.


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Nate Ruess will be performing tomorrow, January 19, at the Kia Theater, near Araneta Center. See you there!