Nailaholics: The Best Place to Banish the Rainy Day Blues

Feeling down coz of the gloomy weather? Need a pick-me-up? Then try pampering yourself at any one of Nailaholics‘ many convenient locations like we do when the blues attack. 🙂

Nailaholics 1Nailaholics has more than 50 branches nationwide, so just check out their Facebook page to see where the closest one is to you! 🙂


What I’d recommend? Well, to get the most bang for my buck, I tend to opt for their packages. On my last visit, I tried the Lush Lagoon, which didn’t just sound like paradise, but actually also felt like it. The foot spa and foot therapy in itself is well worth the Php700 for the package, but if you’re looking for even more than that, they also have packages with hand and foot paraffin options and even scalp and back massages! Just choose what you need at your time of visit and you’re off to a land of calm serenity.


Nailaholics 2I thought those were Mentos in my foot spa. :p They were just stones. Still cute, though!


Aside from affordable packages, Nailaholics‘ overall vibe is beachy, so even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you won’t feel the gloom at all. Just check out the feel-good interiors of their Market! Market! branch:


Nailaholics 3

Who wouldn’t feel at peace here?

Nailaholics 4Loving this cute touch to the place!


The best part? Nailaholics always has some sort of fun promo going on, too, so make sure you ask the staff at your branch of choice what their current promo is or simply check out their Facebook page on the regular (fortunately, they’re very active!) This July, Nailaholics is focusing on the famous gel polish, so you can get 20% off a gel manicure and gel pedicure until the end of the month!


Nailaholics 5


In case you didn’t know, gel polish stays on much longer than regular nail polish, so if you already have a go-to shade and just tend to go to the salon to redo your nails every now and then, then this promo would be perfect for you. 🙂 Even if you aren’t too fond of gel polish or really like changing your nail colours more often than not, I’d still suggest trying the gel polish to see how you feel about it. There’s always a first and a “minsan lang naman eh” for everything, right?


Nailaholics 6

My choice of polish still matched the gloom, though. :p


It’s been raining quite a bit these last few days, but the mood is never blue at Nailaholics. Visit their closest branch soon and experience exactly what I’m talking about! 🙂






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