Nadine Lustre Speaks Out Against People Bashing Her Tiktok Dance Video

Nadine Lustre did not mince words when she addressed the hate she’s been getting regarding the recent Dance video that she uploaded on Tiktok.

Speaking on her official Twitter account, she revealed that she “couldn’t care less” about comments bashing her post especially when it received nearly 5 million views at the time of her tweet.

nadine lustre

“Btw, 4.7m [views],” she said. “Couldn’t care less if it was people sh***ing on me. It gave good analytics.”

She then thanked those who came to her defense. “Ya’ll can chill now. No need to make bantay to defend. Grateful for all of you.”

The video in question was a dance clip she made in partnership with a smartphone brand which, as of writing, has garnered 4.9 million views.

In subsequent tweets, she also talked about her experience being bullied as a child which made her strong enough to handle situations like this to reassure her fans and followers that she won’t be affected so easily by the hate thrown at her.

“People are always so thirsty to s**t on someone. I’ve always been bullied since I was younger, so I’m totally used to it. I’ve become bulletproof,” she said. “I’m very much concerned for people who don’t have the same mental + emotional load as me. But then at the end of the day, pretty sure there are reasons as to why people act a certain way.”

“Even the bullies in [RuPaul’s Drag Race] eventually come clean at the end of the show. So girl, let’s talk.”

When a fan tweeted at her asking why she can afford to be so nice, she answered, “Because it takes a lot more time & effort to be unkind… and I have so much s**t to do.”

“I still bite sometimes. But I’m trying,” she admitted. “[Just kidding]. Still a b***h. I just don’t have time.”

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