MYOH 2013: The Ultimate Make Your Own Havaianas Experience


MYOH 2013: A Step-by-Step Guide



Step 1: Have fun designing your MYOH 2013 pair! 🙂



MYOH 2013



As mentioned earlier, I walked into the MYOH 2013 Rockwell Tent with a Havaianas design in mind, but I completely changed my mind when I got there. Because of this, I would suggest that you just walk into the MYOH 2013 tent without any ideas in mind at all and just let your creativity flow when you get there.



Upon entering, you will come across a flip flops wheel, where you can check which sole colors go with which strap colors and pins. You can keep coming back to this wheel later on, if needed – don’t worry.



Step 2: Fill up your MYOH 2013 flip flops form.



MYOH 2013



Upon entering, you will be given a little MYOH 2013 booklet, which you will use to make your own Havaianas. Before filling it out, make sure you are dead-set on the design that you want, though. This will eliminate any confusion with your Havaianas miracle worker later on.



Step 3: Choose your Havaianas miracle worker.



MYOH 2013



When you’re done picking a design, you have to go to one of the… well… I’m not exactly sure what they’re called, but I call them Havaianas miracle workers. Contrary to what a lot of people envision when they hear about MYOH 2013, you don’t actually make your own Havaianas yourself. There are miracle workers around to do the dirty work for you.



Step 4: Instagram your MYOH 2013 creation.






Okay, this step is completely optional, but I saw a lot of people doing it during the MYOH 2013 launch, so might as well, right? :p



Now, if you’re wondering why I went with this design for my MYOH 2013 pair instead of my original “Suits” design. Well…



1) This is the first year where Havaianas introduced a collaboration with a Filipino illustrator, Dan Matutina.


2) It’s is the first MYOH 2013 glow-in-the-dark commemorative pair.


3) It reminds me of “The Little Prince”. 😀






In the ultimate celebration of self-expression that every Havaianatico has come to know, Havaianas will also be intensifying the MYOH 2013 experience by recognizing everyone’s creativity through You + Havaianas, a crowdsourcing contest where everyone can submit a Havaianas design that could become a limited edition style for the 2014 Havaianas Collection!

To join, just visit the MYOH 2013 Rockwell Tent today until May 5 or visit the official You + Havaianas website for more information. 🙂


MYOH 2013


What I love the most about MYOH 2013 is how thrilling it was, in general. My creativity went especially wild this time around, what with all of the new space-related pins to choose from and the limited edition glow-in-the-dark Filipino design in the forefront. So, When in Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines, for that matter; make sure you Make Your Own Havaianas this year. And enjoy!



All photos by Gerard Lopez.












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MYOH 2013: The Ultimate Make Your Own Havaianas Experience