My Singapore Food Street: The Taste and Style of Hawker Center


For starters, we had, Croquettes , a fried mashed potatoes with spinach leaves and spices rolled in egg, flour and bread crumbs.   This is a unique and most delightful version of mashed potato I’ve ever tasted.  Along with it, we had, Shanghai Rolls, a perfect mix of ground pork and shrimp, garlic, onion, carrots, spring onion wrapped in lumpia wrapper, fried till golden brown.  My Singapore’s shanghai version gives a richer taste complementing with their sweet and spicy sauce as its core.  These are such perfect starters. 



Next, we have the national dish of Singapore, the Hainanese Chicken Meal, this is a fresh chicken steamed in garlic, ginger, salt and spices.  It is served with  Hainanese rice, ginger sauce, chilli sauce, dark soy sauce chicken soup.  Though I used to eat the roasted one but this time I enjoyed the hainanese version, such a complete meal! 



Then, Nasi Goreng,  fried rice with charsiew meat,  Chinese sausage,  cabbage, garlic, red onion, , carrots, green peas, sweet corn , shrimp, sambal chilli,  scrambled egg and dark soy sauce.   By the way, this fried rice originated from Indonesia,  the first time I ate this was when I was in Jakarta few years back, one of the best fried rice meals I’ve tasted!   This one from My Singapore is such an a delightful version too!  A must-try!  For sure, you’ll love this! 



Laksa, luglug noodles in coconut creamy soup, topped with fish cake, togue,  baby prawn,  and boiled egg.  You’ll love  the aroma and the richness of  flavour.   Laksa has several variants, and this one from My Singapore Food Street, when I tasted it, it caters the tastebuds of Pinoys, a mild version of original laksa. 



Few more dishes were presented during the  event like the Satay Pork  (P70, 2pcs)- grilled pork marinated  in special spices, ginger, lemongrass and onion. 


Char Kway Teow  (P195)- Stir fried flat and yellow mee noodles, togue, , garlic,  red onion, , egg, Chinese sausage,  fish cake, shrimp with dark soy sauce and Thai patis.  This dish is one of my favorites. 



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