My Mama Said: A Men’s Barbershop and a Car Wash in One

Nestled in the quiet village of Sikatuna in Quezon City lies a barbershop that can instantly transform any man into a true gentleman. Behold: My Mama Said.

My Mama Said 2

Time after time, it has been proven that mama knows best. Whenever we’re caught in a pinch, she knows; and this goes for something even as trivial as telling us when we need a haircut. And when she says that our hair looks messy, we have to trust her word. That’s the story behind My Mama Said. They offer first-rate experience man-pering from head to toe guaranteed to restore you to the tip-top shape that your mama will approve of.

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This suave barbershop is the ultimate grooming hub for men. It has upscale Londoner interiors that exude class and refinement with their brick walls and monochromatic motif. It has five service stations and a wide lobby area where unlimited coffee is served for those waiting for their turn or waiting for their companion to finish.

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Furthermore, My Mama Said promotes a different kind of groom day altogether: a barbershop and a car wash in one! While you get your treatments done, you can also get your car washed to give your next date a charming impression.

My Mama Said 5The classic cut at My Mama Said costs P250; this a shampoo, blow-dry, and massage.

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Their seasoned barbers are trained in both classic and contemporary haircuts. You definitely won’t go wrong here, regardless of the style that you request.

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After a good trim, they’ll proceed with shampooing your hair, blowing it dry, and then giving you a relaxing massage; so you’ll look good and feel good afterwards.

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Shaving services are also available for P250.

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After a haircut, cleanse your face with a facial for extensive conditioning (P350).

The facial process at My Mama Said is pretty straightforward. They don’t do any pricking here.

Instead, they apply a mask on your face, which will be removed after 30 mins. The mask will unclog then tighten your pores for a brighter and cleaner face.

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It’s always a confidence boost when your nails are clean. Nowadays, women aren’t the only ones who get their nails done. Men also seek this service for a more presentable demeanor whenever they go out and interact with people.

What are you waiting for? Enter as an ordinary man and leave as a gentleman; even your partner’s mama would be impressed!

My Mama Said

#9 Malumanay Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City



Instagram: @mymamasaidph