MY HAIR TRANSFORMATION: Coloring My Hair Purple At AppleStyle Salon

Last month, I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the guts to: color my hair purple. ????

And of course, I knew that if not done properly, this could easily have been a disaster but I’m quite happy with how my new color turned out. It’s been almost a month and I’ve been getting so many questions and compliments about it so I decided to write about my hair transformation experience.


Question 1: What do I need to know before having my hair colored?

The hair color process is not a quick easy route. If you decide to have your hair colored, know that you will need to give your hair extra care. Asian hair is usually dark so to be able to achieve bright colors, hair bleaching is necessary. Think about it reaaaaaally hard before you jump in to this commitment.

Question 2: What is the Process?

The whole process will take a couple of hours – mine took a total of 4-5 hours. Basically, your hair is bleached until it is light enough to achieve the color you want. This whole process depends on your hair type (how many bleaching cycles it can withstand) and the final  hair color you want to achieve (so make sure to bring pegs!).

Question 3: Where did you have it done/How much will it cost?

Your hair is your crowning glory so do your research and do not just walk into any salon you randomly find!

AppleStyle Salon was highly recommended by a good friend of mine. Even before I decided to come in to the salon, I spoke with head colorist Apple Quibete about what I wanted to do with my hair.


Apple (leftmost) with the lovely Applestyle Salon crew!

And unlike other salons, the rates here are reasonable. These hair transformations range from PHP 4,000- PHP 5,000 depending on how many bleach cycles and what color the client wants.

Question 4: How to take care of colored hair?

Know that when hair is bleached, it really does get damaged but this can be remedied by proper care and after color treatments.

Applestyle salon2

Before and after!

I was advised to use sulfate free shampoo as normal ones can be harsh to your hair and your new color. I’ve also found that applying Argan Oil to your wet hair after showers work wonders.

Another thing to keep in mind: the tropical outdoors is something you have to prepare for. An impulsive surf trip washed out my purple hair color just like that. Sun and sea water are not the best things for your brightly colored hair.


Washed out hair then back to beautiful purple hair!

Thankfully, Apple fixed everything in under an hour. Yay!

Question 5: How has life been living with purple hair?

It’s been fun! I get a lot of compliments and questions and it really looks nice on video. I also found that this color matches with a lot of random things. ????

Annnnnd, that was my hair transformation story. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

AppleStyle Salon

G/F Corithian Executive Regency, ortigas Pasig City (near Robinson’s Galleria)
0977 854 7990


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