My First AsiaPOP Comic Con 2018 Experience Was a Blast!

When I was in high school, I used to go to cosplay events and conventions; but once I got into college, I no longer had time to go to them due to my busy schedule. However, when I saw that AsiaPOP Comic Convention 2018 was fast approaching and that my love, Tye Sheridan, would be there; I knew I simply had to go. Let me share my first ever experience at APCC 2018 with you.

The Netflix Experience

APCC 2018 9

This booth was one of my fave spot and I’m glad that I went there on the first day because the lines were exceedingly long by the time the second and third days came around. The whole place made me feel like I was part the Netflix series showcased. We were able to drink milkshakes at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe, wear the Southside Serpents or Riverdale varsity jacket for a class picture, and even meet Josie and the Pussycats!

APCC 2018 32

APCC 2018 35

APCC 2018 31

At the Stranger Things area, we got to play at the arcade, make Upside Down tunnel drawings, pose with the Stranger Things kids, and ride their bikes as part of the many photo ops.

APCC 2018 45

APCC 2018 85

Limited Edition Collectibles

As always, there were lots of rare items and collectibles up for grabs at comic con, the most coveted of which, though, was the limited edition Jollibee Funko Pop.

APCC 2018 79

Some guests spent a lot of time lining up to get their hands on this baby.

APCC 2018 126

Jollibee even had an autograph signing session for those who were able to avail of the pops. Cute, huh?

APCC 2018 128

These Avengers Hot Toys were also available for pre-order.

Media Panels with the Guest Stars

We were lucky to get the chance to witness the Media Panel of Tye Sheridan and Finn Jones on the second day. Tye talked about his experience working with Stephen Spielberg for ‘Ready Player One’, his roles as Cyclops and Wade Watts, his acting stint while having a start-up business, his favorite sport, and how he loves Batman and dressing up as Batman while running around the house, amongst other things.

APCC 2018 58

Finn Jones answered questions about his favorite parts while shooting “Iron Fist”, his DJ stint, his interest in cosplaying Adventure Time characters, and what food he would be if he were food.

APCC 2018 71

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