WATCH: Mothers-In-Law Dance to Beyonce Songs for a Surprise Wedding Performance

Many Filipino couples are now getting more and more creative with their wedding ceremonies, from witty hashtags to fun programs and performances. Well, mothers-in-law Emilynn Purugganan and Judith Fernando really took it to the next level by proving that not only the bride and groom can pull off a surprise performance!

During the wedding of their children in December 2022, the talented moms unleashed their inner Beyonce as they surprised everyone with a captivating dance number. Aside from their relatives and guests, the video of their surprise performance dancing to Beyonce’s songs also gained reactions from netizens.

Emilynn Purugganan and Judith Fernando mothers in law

Photo: Emilynn Purugganan

And here’s the twist! The performance is not actually part of the wedding program. According to Purugganan, it started as a joke during the wedding planning with the bridesmaids. 

“It was really unplanned. The bridesmaids are talking about the program, surprise numbers, etc. So, I and balae were just listening. Suddenly, both of us told them, ‘Can we join the surprise number? Like we will just pop out at the end of their dance,’” she told

She said they even jokingly asked about the song choice and emphasized that their outfit should have glitters paired with boots and fishnet stockings. The mothers-in-law thought it was just a passing joke until the groom’s sister, a professional dancer, called them for a dance practice. What a plot twist, right?

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Purugganan shared another event that surprised them, “Balae and I thought the bridesmaids were also present. But as soon as we got to the meeting place, it was only me and balae. We asked, ‘Where’s everybody?’ And Jillian [the groom’s sister] said, ‘We won’t be able to do a routine since we are now running out of time, so it will be just the two of you.”

She also revealed that it was supposedly a two-minute Beyonce medley, but it was shortened to one minute. The dedicated mothers-in-law still practiced the night before the wedding on their own to polish their choreography and outfits! 

“Our makeup stylist went to the rescue and helped us with the last-minute routine. It was already 3 a.m., and our costumes needed altering, so I was prepared and brought along my sewing machine. We finished at 4 a.m.,” she added.

As the wedding program came, Purugganan and Fernando successfully pulled off their surprise wedding performance! They really donned a glittery long-sleeve dress and fishnet stockings. Who would’ve thought it all started as a joke? The effort!

Emilynn Purugganan and Judith Fernando mothers in law surprise performance

Photo: Emilynn Purugganan

Purugganan shared how they began their surprise performance, “We came running covered with umbrellas. And then, lights and sound went out. All we heard was shouting and screaming. The organizer said people went wild, even the staff and waiters. They were stunned.”

She said the guests commended their performance, which made the wedding program unique and more enjoyable. 

“Our efforts paid off. Our hearts are so full of gratitude to all the people who witnessed the wedding. They went home with something joyful to talk about. The best part is that the whole world feels the good and positive vibe.”

Purugganan mentioned that she and Fernando wanted to end the stereotype that mothers-in-law often clash through their surprise wedding performance. 

“This breaks the stigma of mothers-in-law fighting each other. We are the new mothers-in-law of the millennium. No more hate, just love,” she concluded.

Watch their surprise wedding performance below:

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