LOOK: Mom Plays Prank on Daughter Who Played with Phone Too Much

What is it a parent can do to deter his or her children from playing with gadgets too frequently? Well, this mom from Thailand thought of an ingenious plan!

Armed with black eyeshadow, this mom applied it all over her daughter’s eyelids while she was sound asleep. Upon waking up, her daughter screamed after seeing how her eyes looked and started sobbing in fear. “It’s because you played so much,” the mom told her.

Although it successfully tricked her daughter, many netizens and health experts advised against playing pranks like this on young children as it can leave them psychologically scarred for life.

Public Health Malaysia, in particular, took to Facebook to warn about the harms of trauma-inducing punishment. “While having a trauma, children’s brain is in a state of stress […] Any form of trauma will remain in memory for a long term,” they said.

They also said that tricks like this will greatly affect children’s trust in their own parents. “Parents are the most trusted person by children. If they find out that parents have cheated on them until they have trauma, would they still be able to trust parents like before?”

“Every parent has their own unique way of raising their children. These kids need to know about the effects, consequences, and responsibilities from their own actions but parents make their own decisions on how to educate their children,” they added.

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