Modus Operandi: Man Uses Child to Snatch Purse

We always warn our readers to be extra vigilant in everything you do and to always pay close attention to the people around you. However, when it’s an elderly or a child, we usually let our guards down thinking there’s nothing they could possibly do. Unfortunately, this video shared by Fernan Nuguid will make you think otherwise…

The video was taken in a fast food chain in Bataan just a few days ago. Pay close attention to the man and kid at the far end of the camera. You can fast forward to around 1:40 to see their ploy. 

We’re not really sure how to feel about this. While the deed itself was completely wrong,  we’d like to think that the man was THAT desperate to have included the kid in his crazy plan. The kid even looks like his own child or grandchild based on how close they seem in the video. We just hope someone could set a better example for the kid… 

How do you guys feel about this? What do you think? 


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