Misto Buffet Will Take You Around the World

Are you a fan of buffets or just want to treat yourself to an unlimited gastronomic adventure? Misto at Seda Bonifacio Global City has a lot to offer their guests now that they have expanded to another tower at Seda BGC with 220 seats to accommodate more guests at their newly renovated Misto restaurant.

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Stepping inside Misto, the first thing I noticed is how cozy their setup is. I absolutely love how their interiors are not intimidating to those who just want to relax. Their restaurant is definitely more spacious now, making your dining experience comfortable than ever.

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Pretty much every hotel in the country now offers a buffet menu for their guests, but what makes Misto special is how they take you on a gastronomic adventure through their wide array of dishes.

If you’re planning to visit Misto at Seda, BGC here are our top 5 must-try dishes that will make you feel like you are traveling around the world:

Seafood Skewers for some Mediterranean Vibes

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Their Seafood Skewers have grilled and seasoned salmon, calamari, and shrimp. The flavor has a good balance of salt and spice, making it light and flavorful. This dish goes perfectly with their fresh leafy salads and Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes.

King Prawns that Will Take You to Maldives

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The King Prawns are definitely the winners of this whole buffet. They actually needed to refill the seafood basket in a span of just 10 seconds. These perfectly grilled King Prawns are seasoned with herbs and spices and will definitely make you feel like you’re having a nice and relaxing meal under the Maldives sun. What made us love this even more is how it easy it was to remove the meat from the shell. It was cooked to perfection!

Paella Valenciana that Will Make You Wanna Dance the Salsa

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Its colorful plating in itself is sure to entice you to try the Paella Valenciana. It has balanced flavors and colorful ingredients that you won’t be able to resist. Each bite of this will make you wanna dance as the flavors explode in your mouth.

Italian Pizza for a Taste of Italy

5d15be2e955d0 5d15be2e95611Misto June 27 2019 77.jpg

Their cheesy Italian pizzas will make you say ‘delizioso’ without blinking an eye. A personal favorite is their ‘Sachicha’ pizza, which got me #shookt because of the delicious broccoli leaves on top. I actually had no idea that I was eating broccoli leaves. Talk about binge-eating without the guilt!

Tender US Roast Beef

5d15beba5ac8c 5d15beba5acd7Misto June 27 2019 64.jpg

The flavor, the tenderness, and the way it was roasted to perfection. I don’t even know how to start describing this sumptuous and meaty dish. All I can say is that you cannot leave Misto without trying this out.

5d15beea6fc1c 5d15beea6fc62Misto June 27 2019 52.jpg

No words can explain its flavors, which is probably from the marinade that they used to roast the beef. It’s definitely one of the must-try dishes at Misto.

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Aside from these dishes, you should also their Japanese tempura, Wonton Noodles, Dimsum, Pita and Curry.

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They also have a salad bar that I absolutely love because of the fresh fruits and vegetables that they offer.

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If you are a fan of cheese and cold cuts, they also have a wide array of pastrami and salami to choose from.

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Before leaving Misto, don’t forget to try out their desserts, too. They offer fruity tarts, sinful chocolate cakes, truffles, and cookies. I personally recommend their Chocolate Mango Panacotta, which is their best dessert in my opinion.

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Make sure to bring a huge appetite and your best food buddy when you go to Misto!


Seda Hotel, 30th Street Corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

945 8888