Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Be The Fairest Of Them All with these LED Vanity Mirrors! 

Words by Gayle Dy, Writing Team

Let’s face it: Every girl needs a mirror. Whether it’s for applying makeup, popping zits, taking selfies, or just making weird faces at yourself (yes, we’ve all been there), mirrors have always been there for us. But sadly, bad lighting also gets the best of us at times and even ends up ruining our look or shot.

Well, fear no more, ladies!

For with these gorgeous, LED vanity mirrors, you don’t have to keep searching for that perfect angle anymore. Make all your Hollywood dreams come true and achieve that perfect make-up! You only deserve the best, girl.

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Sit back and relax as Vanity Mirror Philippines caters to your dreams-yes, they customize and personalize the mirrors to your liking! Standard sizes include 17×21 inches with 6 bulbs, 20×26 inches with 8 bulbs, and 20×24 inches with 10 bulbs. Mirrors are of great quality and are quite affordable, too, with prices ranging from P2000-P3000.


All mirrors are made of wood and can either be painted off or upholstered in imported leather. They can even imprint your name on it as well!

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Vanity Mirror Philippines ships nationwide. So, what are you waiting for? With these mirrors, you’ll never have to worry about bad lighting again! Your perfect mirror selfie awaits!

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