This Creative Miniature Game Lets You Discover a New Hobby and Build a Collection

With video games and various gaming consoles gaining popularity in recent years, it’s more often than not that you would find young kids playing virtual games on these devices. While these games often come with their own lessons and encourage the use of a number of skills, we shouldn’t forget about the classic tabletop games that never fail to bring friends and family together.

One example of this is Warhammer, where players dive into a fantasy world of epic battles and adventure. Dubbed the world’s greatest miniatures game, players are treated not only to intricately woven worlds but also to multiple opportunities to expand and hone various skills. 

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging alternative to today’s video games, read on to learn more about how Warhammer could be your kids’ (or your) next favorite hobby.

For imaginative minds and crafty creatives 


More than just your everyday board game, Warhammer offers players the chance to make each game their own through its customizable miniatures. Stimulating more than just one’s imagination but also their creativity and fine motor skills, the overall experience appeals to players’ inner artists and crafters. Beyond the literal hands-on experience, players are also encouraged to use their imagination to play out various narratives and adventures.

Enjoy hours of unplugged play, face-to-face

While not as compact as a game console, each Warhammer set is easily transportable and can be played anywhere, with a flat surface where players can gather. Players can immerse themselves in the world literally surrounded by friends and family or even with fellow Warhammer enthusiasts from a large worldwide community —exchanging tactics, building friendships, and overcoming challenges together away from the screen. 

Get playing, and get thinking

A strategic game that requires critical thinking and a good amount of mathematical skill; young players will get to practice their basic operations, while older players can even become experts in calculating probability. Each decision must be carefully thought out on the battlefield, and players need to actively solve different problems as the game unfolds, honing one’s independent judgment and encouraging strategic thinking. 

Grow your own unique collection

With various sets to choose from, Warhammer’s miniatures double as collectible items that players can also mix and match when building their armies. Unlike other collectibles kept in their boxes to be displayed, Warhammer offers players the opportunity to assemble and paint their miniatures —adding a layer of personalization and depth beyond the usual ready-to-display figurines. 


With Warhammer’s multifaceted approach to gaming, game nights will never be the same again. Perfectly enjoyable by players of all ages, families and friends can bond over hours of gameplay with different aspects of the game catering to each individual’s interests. From customizing armies and painting miniatures to unlocking new adventures and narratives, enjoy a complete gaming experience like never before with Warhammer.

To get a glimpse of the action and try your hand at customizing a Warhammer miniature yourself, visit a free painting demo at Toy Kingdom’s SM Megamall (weekends) and SM North EDSA (everyday) branches. Learn more about Warhammer on its official website, and get ready to build your own army today!