Metro Manila Ranks 46th Out Of 55 Cities For Youth Desirability In Latest Youthful Cities Index

New York has been crowned world champion for youth desirability in the latest Youthful Cities Index, with London in second place and Berlin in third. Manila is listed in 46th place out of the 55 cities measured.

Most-youthful-cities-2015-manila (1)Not the best but also not the worst place to live if you’re young: Metro Manila

The Youthful Cities Index is compiled annually by Toronto-based consulting company Decode and ranks 55 countries according to the results of a survey of more than 10,000 young people, who are asked to give their opinions on dozens of indicators such as safety, diversity, affordability, food and fashion. Factors such as education, employment and entrepreneurship were also taken into consideration.

New York is leading the 2015 index, with a total of nine North American cities and five from Europe making the top 20. Tokyo is leading the Asian cities in 12th place, while Mexico City in ninth place is the highest ranking entry from Latin America.

Most-youthful-cities-2015-manila (2)The complete ranking for 2015

Over-all, Tehran is the most affordable of the cities it examined, while San Francisco and Mexico City have the best employment prospects. San Francisco also has the highest ranking for environment and entrepreneurship, while Toronto gets the highest ranking for diversity.

Digital access is best in Madrid, while Warsaw scores top marks for education and Tokyo leads the field for food and nightlife. Moscow leads in public spaces, sports and financial services, while the city with the most youthful population (meaning the percentage of the total population who are between the ages of 15 and 29), is Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Manila is listed in 46th place, trailing Singapore in 39th, Jakarta in 41st and Bangkok in 45th place, while providing a better place to live for young people than Cairo in 48th or Dubai in 50th place. The worst place to live if you are young is Accra in Ghana.