Meteor Garden is Coming Back to Manila TV!!!

Meteor Garden is Coming Back to Manila TV!!!

Admit it: you used to watch Meteor Garden. I was a freshman in high school during its “peak” and I’m not shy to admit that I used to run home extra early just to catch it on television. My fangirl levels for Meteor Garden during high school were about as high as my fangirl levels were for the Backstreet Boys when I was in elementary school.

Well, believe it or not, it’s already been 10 years since the Asian series was aired in the Philippines and because of this, ABS-CBN has decided to make fangirl hearts like mine go aflutter by announcing that they will be bringing Meteor Garden back to the network. Check out their teaser trailer here: 


Meteor Garden stars F4 members Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei, Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si, Ken Chu as Xi Men and Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo. There’s some chick in, too, but who cares about her? Haha. I kid. Barbie Hsu plays Shan Chai, the girl that every Meteor Garden fangirl dreamed to be once upon a time.

Meteor Garden

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Meteor Garden Cast

The storyline? Just watch the show to find out if you haven’t yet. I haven’t watched a single Asianovela since Meteor Garden and I don’t plan to now that the series will be back on soon; but from what I’ve heard about other Asianovelas, this one is a bit more realistic – and that’s a good thing, no? AHHH!!! I’m so excited!!! Who else is?!?? :D

Meteor Garden is Coming Back to Manila TV!!!

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