Men’s Room PH: Experience Exclusive All-in-One Grooming for Men

When it comes to pampering, there aren’t a lot of establishments for men out there that don’t threaten their masculinity. Don’t get me wrong: there isn’t anything bad about men wanting to look better (hello, welcome to the 21st century where manpering, or man + pampering, is becoming a trend). It’s just that people still aren’t accustomed to seeing men going to places that women usually visit; it’s still kind of embarrassing in a way. Well, Men’s Room PH understands this dilemma and has come up with a brilliant idea.
Men’s Room PH is an all-in-one grooming place in Katipunan Avenue that is exclusively for men. They even have signs that state “No girls allowed” just to emphasize that point. This is to make sure that a guy can peacefully enjoy his grooming without being seen by other women nor judged by other men. Since pamper day basically equates to”me-time”, Men’s Room PH gives men the solitude that they need while getting the best treatments possible for their face, body, and hair.
Men's Room PH
To ensure that men don’t get hassled by moving from place to place to get pampered in various ways, Men’s Room PH offers the utmost convenience by providing every basic grooming need: a barber, a lounge, and a spa. With every service, they offer a free drink, as well. You can opt to have iced tea, coffee, or just water. Their Glorietta branch that will open later this year, too, and there will be beer there!
Men's Room PH


Men's Room PH
No grooming is complete without paying a visit to your barber. If women consider their hair as their crowning glory, so do men. Having the perfect clean-cut is a must to impress the people around you; it denotes class and style. If you can’t decide which haircut to get, they have a catalog ready to help you decide.
(We also have a list of hairstyles of our own! Check it out here.)
Their barbers also provide shaving, hair spas, and organic black hair dyes in case you are looking for other services.


Their lounge is what makes Men’s Room PH unique. When you go in, it may just look like a barbershop; but you’ll soon realize that they’re more than that once you see their manicure/pedicure and facial services.
Pimples, blackheads, dirty nails, long nails – those aren’t attractive to see. Men’s Room PH wants men to understand that it’s important to be presentable from head to toe. This will give their customers the utmost confidence as they interact with different people everyday.


Men's Room PH
Their spa is as important as the rest of the things mentioned above. At the spa in Men’s Room PH, they believe thatfeeling good equates to looking good. Imagine a massage/spa to end a long and tiring day – that would totally complete the whole experience. It’s a form of relaxation and invigoration, so that men can face the days ahead without worrying about aching muscles.
Go and try out Men’s Room PH on your next pampering day. You’ll love how convenient and efficient everything is!
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 Men’s Room PH

317 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM
Number: (02) 285 3554
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themensroomph/