Meisha Collection: Versatile Dresses That Can Go From Formal to Casual

Meisha Collection: Versatile Dresses That Can Go From Formal to Casual

Whenever I’m in need of evening dresses, I always have trouble choosing designs online. Why? Because, most of the time, the evening dresses that I find on the Internet look so unique and truly stand out that they only allow me to wear them once. Any more than that, and people start pointing out that they remember the time I wore it. And – call me vain and insecure – but that’s just not something a blogger likes to hear. In fact, I don’t like hearing it from family members, either.

That’s why I fell in love with Meisha Collection the first time I saw their collection of evening dresses. Although they might look very formal at first glance, a closer look at them can easily open up your mind to the possibilities of wearing them in different ways. The same goes for their day dresses, too. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Meisha Collection’s Versatile Dresses

When I first looked at Meisha Collection‘s evening dresses while looking for one to wear to a friend’s party, my main concerns were style, price, quality and versatility.

Meisha Collection Versatile Dresses

Price-wise, I had no worries with Meisha Collection whatsoever as all of their evening dresses range from Php600 to Php1,400 – a definite steal for the quality that they come with!

All of the dresses that I chose from Meisha Collection came with a bit of lace and they do not skimp on quality.

Meisha Collection Versatile Dresses

The details are incredible as you can see.

And, with a floral coverup, it easily goes from formal to casual.

Meisha Collection Versatile Dresses

The same goes with this dress. Pair it with nude flats or leather boots and you’ve got a whole new different look in your hands!


Meisha Collection doesn’t just provide formal dresses, either. The floral casual dress below is ultra cute and, when covered up with the right jacket, the right jewellery and the right heels, can instantly go from being floral and casual to something more elegant because of its lacey skirt.

Meisha Collection Versatile Dresses

Dresses aside, Meisha Collection also has stunning unique jewelry on offer, all of which are proudly Pinoy and handmade in the Philippines.

Meisha Collection Versatile Dresses 

It couldn’t get any more unique than this. I’ve always supported Pinoy-made products and Meisha Collection’s jewelry is definitely no exception.

Generally speaking, Meisha Collection aims to empower women while staying close to its roots, bringing chic, trendy and elegant clothes to Pinays at affordable prices.

As if that weren’t enough, they also provide free delivery in the Philippines and even accept payments through PayPal who (like me) enjoy the convenience of that particle payment method. So, when on the lookout for stunning quality dresses and jewelry at affordable prices, check out Meisha Collection today!

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Meisha Collection


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Meisha Collection: Versatile Dresses That Can Go From Formal to Casual

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