Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded: Top 5 Reasons to be Excited to See Allison Harvard on Local TV


Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded: Top 5 Reasons to be Excited to See Allison Harvard on Local TV

When in Manila, we can never run out of things to be excited about. This Monday, November 18, Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded will finally hit the TV screens with its primer episode on ETC.

Here are the top 5 reasons why fashionistas and non-fashionistas alike should be excited for this innovative show:



That line from host Suki Salvador sums it up well.

In the auditions, hopefuls came in teams comprised of a photographer, a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and a fashion stylist.  Models were separated from the rest of the team to depict real-life situations where they would learn how to work with different fashion crews.

The best ten teams were then selected to join the show. As the show is co-presented by L’Oreal Paris, the winning team will get a chance to go to Paris and create a ten-page fashion editorial.

The show gives the contestants a shot in an industry that is not easy to enter. It also gives viewers a glimpse of what really goes on during photo shoots.



America’s Next Top Model’s Allison Harvard joins this season as the resident judge. She has a huge following both here and abroad as she maximizes usage of social media to update her followers about the show. This immediately expands the show’s viewership.

Because the show is going global, Michael Carandang, Emmy Award winning producer and currently head of  TV100, was asked if the show is open to accepting foreigners as contestants in the future. While the idea was not ruled out, Michael shared that the focus is to flaunt the Filipino talents to the world—to showcase the gems within the country.



This season, they introduce The Cage. Judges rank the crews. The crew which is ranked the highest is safe from being invited for a challenge. On the other hand, the crew which is ranked the lowest invites another crew for for the L’Oreal Paris face-off inside the Cage. They actually have a real cage in the studio! This new addition to the show will definitely test how contestants work under pressure.

Suki was asked if he ever really gets angry on the show. He shares how he hates the models’ false sense of entitlement and wants to ‘crush’ egos so that the contestants could “leave the competition with their values intact.”

Expect the show to be fierce with Suki on board. With the addition of the Cage, things are bound to get much more exciting.

IMG_2564 L’Oreal Philippines poses with the people behind the Mega Fashion Crew



Michael explained the partnership between the show and L’Oreal Paris. The vision of Mega is to showcase the best of the Filipinos to the world, so they also partnered with the best of the world and brought it to the show. 

L’Oreal’s Marketing Director, Chad Sotelo, also shared the tagline repeatedly mentioned in L’Oreal’s advertisements: “Because you’re worth it.” Ever wondered what ‘it’ is? He shared that ‘it’ is the beauty experience beyond the ordinary.


Thrilled to have a photo with the very approachable Allison Harvard!
(My eyes are just a third of hers. =)))



Aside from all of these exciting things about the show itself, more exciting events are lined up for the fans. If you want to meet Allison Harvard in person, for example, you can catch her Meet and Greet on November 30 in the SM Mall of Asia and on December 7 in SM North EDSA the Block to live your very own Mega Fashion Crew experience. 

If you miss the show on Mondays, or if you simply can’t get enough of it, replays will be aired on Saturdays, 10 am, ETC, as well, When in Manila.

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Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded: Top 5 Reasons to be Excited to See Allison Harvard on Local TV


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