Meet Riverdale’s New Reggie Mantle!

Meet Riverdale's New Reggie Mantle!

Ross Butler portrayed the right kind of macho and obnoxious as Reggie Mantle in Riverdale, but the actor was too busy portraying the same role (except with a sweet spot) in another popular Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. Now that the latter show has confirmed to get a second season, Butler had to give up the role of Reggie.

Speculation hit the internet over who will replace Butler, but now it has been confirmed by TVLine: Charles Melton will be taking on the role of Reggie in the second season of Riverdale.

If he looks familiar, it’s because he has portrayed roles in American Horror Story: Hotel (as Mr. Wu) and Glee (where he played a model).

Does this mean we’re going to see more of Reggie in the second season? It turned out that the character wasn’t seen that much in the first season, despite being a core character in the comics, because Butler was juggling two popular shows.

We’re also happy to report that Butler approves of Melton’s casting. He posted a video on Twitter, thanking the producers for choosing another Asian-American to portray the role.

Riverdale aired its season finale this week, closing the mysterious death of rich jock Jason Blossom. There is no word when the second season will air.

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