Meet Coach Ferdie: The No. 1 Trusted Forex Trading Coach in the Philippines

“All winners were once dreamers who never ever gave up.” This is the line that students would often hear from trading coach Ferdie Pabalan of Born2Win Philippines in his thrice-a-week webinars. Some might say that it’s a quote that’s already been said before, by many other figures who’ve had the sweet taste of success. But despite the simplicity of the message, everyone can agree that there is truth to it, especially when Ferdie says it; after all, he was once a dreamer too.

A foreign exchange (forex) trader, motivational speaker, and instructor for nearly 10 years, Ferdie’s journey with forex began with every investor’s nightmare: losing his money to a scam.

It happened in 2007 when a very good friend from his college days at the University of Santo Tomas introduced him to the concept of forex, which pertains to the trading of national currencies. Convinced by the promise of a high return on their investment, they, along with many other friends, invested their money in what apparently ended up being a pyramid scheme and, at the end, lost it all.

Rather than be discouraged, Ferdie and his friends looked at the experience from a more positive perspective and realized that forex trading was indeed a profitable business—he just needed to learn how to do it right.

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He wouldn’t come back to forex trading, however, until 5 years later when he suddenly found himself unemployed. At the time, he thought about all the things he wanted to do before but couldn’t because of his decision to become a corporate employee. That’s when he remembered forex and began researching, reading books, and watching Youtube tutorials—all of which only complicated the subject even further.

“[Then my friend told me], ‘You just cannot teach yourself something that you do not know. So how can you teach yourself how to trade forex if you don’t understand forex to begin with?’” Ferdie shared with When In Manila.

His friend then referred him to a paid online forex trading school, after completing which he practiced real-world trading on his own using a demo account, until he was confident enough to start trading real money.

A year and a half later, in 2013, Ferdie decided to impart his knowledge about forex to others with the added goal of building his credibility as a local trading coach, considering that there was no existing forex trading school in the Philippines. He started to teach everything about forex to anyone he could teach it to—friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and strangers—for FREE via online forums and meet-ups at coffee shops.

Lahat sila [nagtatanong] (All of them were asking,) ‘What’s the catch?’ [Sagot ko,] ‘Gusto ko lang magturo (I replied, ‘I just want to teach) because teaching is twice learning,” Ferdie said.

What’s most unique about Ferdie too, other than the fact that he doesn’t charge anyone a mere peso to attend his training, is that he conducts them in Filipino to make an already complex topic easier to understand for all.

As he amassed more and more students, he brought his classes online and turned them into free webinars. This allowed him to be discovered by a company who then hired him to conduct forex trading workshops to foreigners, and, soon after, by a big international forex education provider who availed of his services to teach in-person seminars across the Philippines.

But Ferdie eventually realized that he could conduct the same seminars under his own brand, where attendees can be guaranteed to learn and be guided by Ferdie up until the very end, instead of by someone else. He also wanted to use it as a way to help fellow Filipinos greatly affected by the pandemic.

And thus, Born2Win Philippines was officially created.

Through Born2Win Philippines, Ferdie holds free webinars 3 times a week on average and sees 400 to 500 attendees each time from all over the country. Through these free 3-hour webinars, Ferdie is able to teach the curious folk basic tips and tricks for forex trading, how to invest without the risk of losing too much, and where to get started on your journey towards becoming a profitable trader.

Anyone you’d ask about Ferdie’s seminars would attest to the fact that they really do inspire confidence in you to seize limitless possibilities. In fact every month, Ferdie gains 60 new clients to take his long-term hands-on program, from business owners and professionals, to OFWs, retirees and senior citizens, government employees, and more.

Truly, Coach Ferdie trains people with the heart and passion to help them succeed—not only to improve their financial standing but to also encourage self-development. It’s no question why Ferdie Pabalan remains to be the number one trusted trading coach in the Philippines!

But don’t just take our word for it. Attend any of these free webinars by Coach Ferdie scheduled in the coming weeks to see how you can jumpstart your career towards becoming a profitable trader:

Webinar ID: 606-981-947

Webinar ID: 566-353-683

JUNE 7, TUES, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 577-161-699

JUNE 10, FRI, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 190-861-267

JUNE 12, SUN, 11 AM – 2 PM
Webinar ID: 209-118-675

JUNE 14, TUES, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 474-345-587

JUNE 17, FRI 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 862-871-891

JUNE 20, MON, 6-9PM
Webinar ID: 599-326-675

JUNE 21, TUES, 6-9PM
Webinar ID: 619-834-611

JUNE 24, FRI, 6-9PM
Webinar ID: 425-322-131

JUNE 26, SUN, 6-9PM
Webinar ID: 250-968-867

JUNE 28, TUES, 6-9PM
Webinar ID: 663-413-075

JUNE 29, 2022, Wed, 6-9pm
Webinar ID: 374-814-699

Webinar ID: 251-303-715

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