Medical expert shares the effects of Social Media on our Mental Health

LifeToday, a YouTube channel and podcast by Kathryn de Guzman, aims to show bits and pieces of how we are experiencing Life Today at home, school, and work.

The medical student shares her perspectives regarding different matters or topics her generation is facing today. Through this content, she promotes mental and emotional wellness in pursuit of an excellent and joyful journey through life.

A recent episode of LifeToday Podcast brought on a very special guest: Dr. Gia Sison. She is a medical doctor in the Philippines specializing in Occupational Medicine, head of the Women’s Wellness department in Makati Medical Center, adviser of the Youth of Mental Health Coalition, and co-Founder of #HealthXPh.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Gia Sison brings a discussion on how social media could have an impact on one’s mental health and gives hacks on how to avoid the pressures that arise from being on the platform.

(Need some help? Here’s our directory for mental health hotlines, support groups, and more)

The episode was in partnership with Mental Health AWHEREness – an organization focused on mapping mental health services and resources in the Philippines and aims to make people aware of the Mental Health services which could help break the on-going stigma in the country regarding Mental Health concerns.

You can catch the episode here or listen to it on Spotify:

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