This Meal Plan Will Transport You Around the World With Food

Due to the pandemic, there are a lot of things that we miss: traveling, partying, watching movies, or even just going out to fancy restaurants. It is as if our lives were put on pause and it made us re-evaluate what matters most. Well, for me, some of the things that kept me sane were food and exercise. I guess endorphins do make you happy. However, on days when I am just too lazy to work out, food helps a lot! Tasting different types of cuisine gives me a semblance of being transported to a different destination. If we can’t physically go elsewhere, why not let our palates travel the world instead?

If you are like me and aren’t exactly the best at showing off your cooking skills, I’ve got a secret to hassle-free and healthy meals every day: Ketos of Manila.

Ketos of Manila Meals

Photo from Ketos of Manila

I am currently on a meal plan by Ketos of Manila and I am amazed by how they are able to create meals that are chef-prepared but still macro-computed and nutritionist-approved. Best of all, they have a theme for the day that will make you feel like you’re being transported to a different country. Imagine having Korean Garlic Cream Cheese bread for breakfast, Dak Galbi for lunch, Seafood Jjamppong for dinner, and even Spam Gimbap as a snack. Annyeong, Korea!

Ketos of Manila Meals 2

Photo from Ketos of Manila

Check out next week’s menu:


Photo from Ketos of Manila


Photo from Ketos of Manila

Ketos of Manila has proven that diet food doesn’t need to be boring, bland, or tasteless. In fact, with Ketos of Manila, dieting has never been this easy and yummy at the same time.

Ketos of Manila is the #1 keto diet food delivery in Metro Manila and their meals (except the low-carb one) even come with a keto strip as proof that what they do works!

Aside from their standard K-LITE meals, there are a lot of programs to choose from, be it their K-MAX, K-FAST, or their new SIMPLY LOW CARB plans! Order now and get a discount of 400 pesos plus a free 10″ keto Artisanal Buffalo Chicken Pizza!


Photo from Ketos of Manila

Ketos of Manila