Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure: Gear Up and Feel the Thrill

What’s better than seeing the perfect Mayon Volcano? Seeing it while riding an ATV!

One of the activities tourists look forward to when visiting Bicol is the ATV ride around the active Mayon Volcano.

Just this year, the volcano had an eruption that attracted more tourists despite the danger it entails. Gone are the days when you could only appreciate Mayon’s beauty from afar because now, getting close to this famed natural wonder is what thrill-seekers have on their bucket list.


Being a tourist at a famous destination means that a lot of people will offer you tours here and there. We can’t really blame them because tourism helps give locals livelihood. It’s just adds a little bit of pressure when choosing a company because you’ll want to make the most out of your money.

Out of the 11 ATV companies in Cagsawa Ruins Park, one stood out: Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure. I actually found them online and what impressed me the most is their professional website and the fact that their FAQ page answered all of the questions that I had. I also checked their reviews on their social media pages. “Wow. 4.9/5 stars with thousands of people following them. This should be good,” I thought.



It was raining like crazy when we visited them; but despite the cold and gloomy weather, they welcomed all of their guests with warmth. Before the adventure begins, they first give an introduction about themselves, the vehicle, and the trail; and then they inform tourists of their safety instructions.

Before starting, our guide Kuya Nicko brought us to the practice area where we tested our understanding of the vehicle for a few minutes. They have eight trails to choose from; we took the 7-kilometer Green Lava Trail where we passed through six exclusive and exciting trails with some forests and rivers, and a lot of crazy rocky roads that led to the breathtaking and almost unobstructed view of Mayon Volcano.

I was scared yet excited to do it because it was my first time to ride an ATV and for someone who got into a motorbike accident twice in two consecutive years, I should actually be scared! But you know what they always say about the paradox of beginnings: “If it makes you scared and excited at the same time, you should probably do it.” Whoever said that is actually right because it was an adventure that I’m proud I did.


Since it was raining when we reached the end of the trail, Mayon was covered with clouds, but the weather and the slight drizzle added drama to the vibe that day. Up there, you can enjoy the fresh air (something that we don’t really get to enjoy too often in Manila) and sip some fresh coconut juice atop the hill overlooking Camalig, Daraga, and Legazpi.


Contrary to what most people think, ATV rides aren’t just for young adults. Even grandma, grandpa, and the little ones can enjoy it as the ATVs don’t require any balance. Plus, safety is Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure’s number one priority.


Have you tried Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure?

Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure

Cagsawa Ruins Park, Brgy. Busay Daraga, Albay

0977 840 0252 / 0919 368 3936 / 052 284 5834


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