Maximize Taiwan’s Visa-Free Offer to Filipinos With Klook

Taiwan has been a go-to destination for its mouth-watering cuisine and iconic tourist hotspots. With the country announcing the renewal of “visa-free entry” for Philippine citizens until July 2025, Filipinos can skip the visa process and head straight to experiencing all that Taiwan has to offer.

Whether you’re in it for the food, culture, or architecture, Taiwan has an abundance of different experiences for you to discover what aligns with your own definition of Joy. Take a peek into some of the amazing experiences waiting for you!

Tick an item off your bucket list

rsz 11 taipei 101 observatory ticket

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First up on this list is the globally recognized architectural icon, the Taipei 101. This building stands 400 meters above sea level, and was formerly known as the world’s tallest architecture! Upon booking this, you’ll get to ride one of the world’s fastest elevators up to the 89th floor to visit the building’s Sky Lounge Area where you get to marvel at the most awe-inspiring views of Taipei.

Take the family on unforgettable experiences

rsz 2 leofoo village theme park ticket in hsinchu

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Shifting gears into something more action-packed, the Leofoo Village Theme Park in Hsinchu is Taiwan’s largest open-range safari park and thrilling amusement park all in one! This houses over 30 exhilarating rides and an up close and personal experience in its wild animal zoo! A destination fit for every member of the family, this theme park also offers scheduled musical water shows, large parades, and dancing shows that are bound to keep everyone excited!

rsz 3 taiwan railway formosa express disney themed train ticket 1

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For the family traveling across the country, the Taiwan Railway Formosa Express Disney Themed Train Ticket was perfectly crafted to keep adults and children alike well-entertained while in transit. Stocked with food, drinks, karaoke, and playful on-board activities, the cabin is decked with 360-degree spacious rotating seats to provide families with the most exciting yet relaxing transit yet.

Take a deep dive into Taiwanese culture

rsz 14 yehliu geopark jiufen shifen and golden waterfall day tour 1

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The Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen, and Golden Waterfall Day Tour is a tour designed to maximize a day trip to Northern Taiwan filled with unique Taiwanese experiences. From the natural wonders in Yehliu Geopark, the cultural teahouses and stunning coastline views at the Jiufen Old Street,  the peaceful and fortuitous sky lanterns in Shifen Old Street in Pingxi, to the glorious Golden Waterfall, this day tour is jam-packed with some of the most memorable cultural experiences in the country.

rsz 5 taichung classic attractions gaomei wetlands one day tour from taipei

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If you’re looking to explore nearer to Central Taiwan, booking the Taichung: Classic Attractions & Gaomei Wetlands One-Day Tour from Taipei will introduce you to four of the most popular sites in Taichung. Here you get to discover the heartwarming story of the Rainbow Village, while also witnessing the vibrant and colorful sea of flora in the Zhongshe Flower Market. Relax at the Gaomei Wetlands and enjoy a scenic mudflat with some of the most beautiful sights of the sunset. Lastly, the trip ends with a cherry on top by visiting Miyahara where you can admire the Harry Potter-themed decorations while chowing down on Dawn Cake’s bubble tea, pastries, and more!

Fuel up and recover from that walkathon

Touching on some of Taiwan’s iconic dishes, the A Joy : Taipei 101 Sky Buffet offers over 300 delectable dishes across eight dining zones made from carefully selected ingredients sourced across the country. Exciting and exclusive, Taiwan’s highest and most luxurious panoramic buffet might just be the perfect way to indulge in the country’s world-renowned cuisine. 

rsz 16 a joy taipei 101 sky buffet

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