Matthew McConaughey Thought He Wasn’t Going To Get Work After Quitting Rom-Coms

Matthew McConaughey has had a string of successes in recent years, the most notable one a Best Actor win for his role as AIDS-stricken activist Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club in 2014, as well as acclaimed roles in Interstellar and Wolf of Wall Street.

But while Matthew has made quite the transition as an actor, anyone can easily remember him as the cocky leading man he used to be typecast in romantic comedies, such as How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days with Kate Hudson in 2004, and Failure To Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker in 2006.

And though he stopped accepting rom-com roles after Ghost of Girlfriends Past in 2009 to shop for more serious film roles, the Dallas Buyers Club star admitted it was hard to quit lucrative movies in the beginning.

“You know the story. Boy meets girl, we break up in the middle, boy chases her down at the end and meets her on a bridge or a moped. That same script, same words, with a $5 million (£3.9 million) offer, is so much better written than the one with the $1 million (£790,000) offer.”

When he told his agent and managers that he wouldn’t be acting in rom-coms for a while, Matthew had a period of turmoil.

“So the anxiety was, well, how long is nothing going to come in? Having a family helps, but I feel like I always need to be accomplishing something, for my own happiness and significance. I gotta work. The anxiety was in how long will it be dry, how long will we get nothing? My agent did a good job saying no, no, no. Then the studios got the message and quit sending them. Then there was an impasse of nothing. And there was nothing for about eight months.”

But it seems that his sacrifice has paid off after all.

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