Maskipaps: The Crossover x Drizzle UP


The week of rainy weather didn’t stop attendees from going to the other side. The UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity’s Maskipaps in collaboration with Hydro Manila’s Drizzle UP (Maskipaps: The Crossover x Drizzle UP), was jam-packed with a crowd of 7000 strong as they kicked off the end of the semester and the start of the Christmas season for UP Diliman.

The annual UP Lantern Parade began at 5pm and was concluded by the Beta Epsilon Grand Fireworks display. At 7pm, the crowd was already lined up at the Sunken Garden waiting for gates open. At 8:30pm, the grounds were already filled with people as DJ MigsMalolos played the opening set. The crowd was already lit when the first band, Maude, played followed by Mayonnaise’s energizing performance. Much of the anticipation was on the bands Silent Sanctuary, Giniling Festival, Sud and Up Dharma Down. Everyone sang along to the much-awaited “Sila” by Sud and “Tadhana” by Up Dharma Down.


The crossover from the concert scene to rave was led by DJ Marc Marasigan. One highlight of the night was when he played Zelija’s remix of “Sila,” where everyone sang and danced to its beat, including Sud themselves. DJ’s Cathy Frey and John Sedano also spun their beats up until 4am.

Amidst the rain and the mud, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with the performances and the crowd. It truly was one remarkable night for the UP Community.

Maskipaps: The Crossover X Drizzle: UP Diliman is

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