Marvel’s finally hired a screenwriter for a long-overdue Black Widow solo film!

It took the bigwigs over at Marvel long enough! Look out, world! We might just be looking at a Black Widow solo movie!

Ever since her debut in Iron Man 2, fans aplenty have been clamoring for a film just for the super spy. With a character so complex and mysterious, a solo film exploring her origin and any adventures that she may have had without her fellow Avengers would be action-packed and full of potential. And while a certain upcoming film about another Russian ballerina-spy-double-agent may have forced Marvel’s hand, many fans are just happy to finally be able to see the enigmatic Natasha Romanoff as the principal character of her own movie.

Jac Schaeffer

Jac Schaeffer has been enlisted as the screenwriter for Black Widow. Technically, getting a writer isn’t much in terms of development and the film hasn’t been approved of yet, but it’s the only step we’ve seen from Marvel ever since we started asking for a Widow film and it’s enough to get fans talking.

Schaeffer, a celebrated writer, penned the sci-fi comedy “The Shower,” where a group of women are trying to celebrate a baby shower but are instead surprised by a sudden shower of alien creatures instead.

Getting a writer is a great first step, however. And fans everywhere are happy that it’s finally in the works, even though Marvel’s taking baby steps. Natasha has been so elusive, dropping hints here and there about her origin, but never disclosing enough. So to explore her life and see how she fares without all of her teammates will definitely be exciting!

Black Widow ScarJo

Not to mention that there are a lot of angles to take from the comic books themselves. Natasha Romanoff has a very rich history and has been linked with other characters long before the events of the first Avengers flick. Her knowledge of the Winter Soldier is something many are hoping will be explored, as Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes has that massive 9-film contract he has yet to fulfill. And he has even mentioned in the past that taking a step in the direction of a special dynamic between the two ex-HYDRA agents would be something he would love to do!

As a massive Natasha fan, I’m ecstatic at the idea that I can watch more of her onscreen with her being the focus.

I love her as a supporting character and her dynamic with her superhero teammates but her time to shine has been long overdue. I just can’t wait!

Are you excited about this possible film? Let us know!