Marlene Aguilar Challenges the Pope and His Followers to a Sparring Session

Marlene Aguilar Challenges the Pope and His Followers to a Sparring Session


Marlene Aguilar Pope Francis Sparring


Much has been said about the Papal Visit last week. The talk about Pope Francis coming to the Philippines has been greatly divided: there are those who think that his visit is a great blessing to the country. Then there are those who think of it as a curse. Marlene Aguilar belongs to the latter camp.

Marlene Aguilar has made a name for herself by ferociously defending her son, Jason Ivler, who was arrested for murder during a road rage incident in 2010. A self-styled ‘She Dragon,’ she is known for her controversial statements. Now, she’s back in the limelight for some intriguing statements against Pope Francis. On her Facebook page, she has called the Pope several names, including “demonyong naka-abito” (devil in disguise) and “kampon ng dilim” (agent of darkness).She released the following statements on Facebook:


Kayong mga sumasamba sa demonyong naka abito, mag silayas kayo dito. Tambak tambak ang kaso ni Pope Francis sa international tribunal court – kaso ng child rape, child torture, child murder genocide, at crimes against humanity ang nakasamapa sa kanya. Ang hirap sa inyong mga mangmang wala kayong alam. Kung ayaw niyo ng mga mga posts dito magsilayas kayo. Lumuhod kayo kay Pope Francis at sumamba kayo sa kampon ng dilim para magsama sama kayo sa impyerno, mga bobo! – She Dragon

(To all those who worship the devil in disguise, get out of here. Pope Francis has case upon case at the international tribunal court – child rape, child torture, child murder genocide, and crimes against humanity. The problem with you is that you know nothing. If you don’t like my posts, get out. Kneel before Pope Francis and worship the agent of darkness so you can be together in hell, idiots! – She Dragon)


Marlene Aguilar Pope Francis Sparring 2


She followed that up with:


When people call me all sorts of bad names, I don’t get insulted. Why? Because I know people’s judgement against me is not true. So why does it offend you that I do not like your Pope? In my opinion, he serves evil and darkness. And there is nothing you can do to change how I feel. – She Dragon


Then the situation took a weird turn. She challenged her bashers to an MMA sparring session:


Kayong mga sumasamba kay Pope Francis:

Alam kong galit na galit kayo sa akin dahil sa mga sinabi kong personal na opinyon laban sa kanya. Kaya bibigyan ko kayo ng pagkakataon na makaganti sa akin.

Hinahamon ko ang nakararami sa inyo na harapin ako at labanan ako ng MMA sparring UFC style sa Elorde gym. Pag naitumba ko kayo in one round, muli niyong yakapin ang paniniwala ng mga ninuno ninyong mga pagano. Sinamba nila ang kalikasan at hindi nila sinamba ang simbahan at mga alagad nitong naka abito.

Kung buo ang paniniwala ninyo sa Diyos, dapat buo ang loob niyo na harapin ako. Huwag kayong matakot dahil sasagipin kayo ng inyong Diyos.

Kaya kong harapin sa MMA sparring ang sampung tao sa isang araw basta nasa 100 lbs sila hanggang 125 lbs. Yung mas mabibigat e i schedule natin matapos kong itumba ang isang libo sa inyo.

Pagkakataon niyo na po tong makaganti. Ayan. Sana paunlakan ninyo ako para mapatunayan niyo sa sarili ninyo na buo ang pananampalataya ninyo sa maykapal.

Sa Elorde Gym Katipunan ko po i schedule ang laban. I pm niyo lang ako, para maayos natin kung kalian tayo magsisimula.


She Dragon

(For those who are worshipping Pope Francis:

I know you are mad at me because of my personal opinions about him. That’s why I’m giving you the chance to get back at me.

I challenge you to face me and fight me in MMA sparring UFC style at Elorge Gym. If you can take me down in one round, embrace the beliefs of your pagan ancestors. They worshipped nature and did not worship the church and its members.

If your believe in the Lord, you should believe yourself in facing me. Don’t be scared because your God will save you.

I can face 10 people a day in MMA sparring, as long as they are between 100 to 125 lbs. Those who are heavier can schedule after I bring down a thousand of you.

This is your chance to get back at me. I hope you can indulge me so you can prove to yourself that you have complete faith in God.

Let’s schedule the fight at Elorde Gym Katipunan. Just send me a private message so we can schedule.

With thanks,

She Dragon)


She also extended the challenge to the Pope. According to her:


I hereby challenge your Pope Francis to a sparring duel UFC style. If god is really on his side, then I shouldn’t be able to bring him down on the ground in 1 round. But I promise you that I will, because the true one and only god is on my side. – SHE DRAGON


What do you think? Will you schedule a fight with her? Let us know!


Marlene Aguilar Challenges the Pope and His Followers to a Sparring Session