Dumaguete Wednesdays at Malatapay Market


Going to the market is a part of Filipino life. Markets reflect Philippine culture as it show people’s livelihoods, how people catch up on each other, among others. When in Manila, it’s also nice to visit different markets in the country such as the Malatapay Market in Dumaguete.



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IMG 1118



Wednesday is probably the busiest day of the week for the people of Barangay Maluay, Zamboangita because it’s market day. They say it’s really quiet here on other days!



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Malatapay market is a testament to Filipino creativity and hardwork. Not only will you will see various Filipino products but you’ll also feel the warmth of the people as vendors greet you with smiles on their faces.



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If you’re looking for Dumaguete souvenirs, Malatapay market is the perfect place!



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When in Manila, don’t forget to go to the Malatapay market when you visit Dumaguete! You’ll be more proud of the Philippines with all those products and kind fellowmen!



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