Marie France Ultrashape-VDF: Liposuction without the Suction

When in Manila and struggling with weight, it isn’t always possible to hit the gym or eat healthily. Take me, for example. As a blogger, mommy, online ghostwriter and superhero all rolled into one, it’s hard enough for me to find time to breathe, let alone work out and eat right. So, when I heard about the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF and its description of being “liposuction without the suction”, I headed all the way to Eastwood from the South to find out what it was all about.


I was greeted with a very warm and friendly welcome at Marie France Eastwood – not to mention a delicious yet healthy breakfast – and was told a little bit about the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant and scared at first, mostly because I had never tried a slimming treatment like this in my life; however, since I am the type of gal who will always tries anything once, I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!” when they asked me if I wanted to try out the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF on that very same day.

The Marie France Ultrashape-VDF is an advanced focused ultrasound treatment that can selectively, permanently and instantly blast fat cells in your body area of choice. The Marie France Ultrashape-VDF is also the very first non-invasive and permanent system for fat reduction. It is clinically proven, too!


After eating breakfast, weighing in and getting my measurements done, I was introduced to Dr. Ariel Torres, who told me more about the new Marie France Ultrashape-VDF system. Here’s what I learned:

  • The Marie France Ultrashape-VDF can pass through the body’s superficial layer of skin all the way down to various depths in just one pulse.
  • It only takes one second for the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF to penetrate the body.
  • The ultrasonic waves of the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF can blast fat cells without damaging the blood vessels, muscles, bones, nerves and skin in the surrounding area in any way.
  • Once the fat cells have been destroyed and liquified, they are absorbed by the white blood cells and eliminated through urination.

The New Marie France Ultrashape-VDF vs. The Old Marie France Ultrashape-VDF

Compared to its older version, the new Marie France Ultrashape-VDF can now blast away many more fat cells in just one session. It also has a radio frequency component that allows better body toning and sculpting. With the new Marie France Ultrashape-VDF, you can also undergo sessions every 2 weeks compared to the 3-week gap once needed in-between sessions.

In case you were wondering: this isn’t me. :p

I personally decided to target my back area when it was my turn to try the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF because I had a lot of back fat and wow, was I pleasantly surprised by the results! Not only did my back feel firmer after just one Marie France Ultrashape-VDF session, but I didn’t feel any bulges along my bra line after hooking up my bra, either. “Liposuction without the suction” for real!

Other things that I loved about Marie France Ultrashape-VDF:

  • The session only took less than an hour to complete.
  • All I had to do was lie down and wait (I would highly recommend you to bring an iPod, though. The sounds of the machine were quite unpleasant.)
  • It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable in any way.
  • I could go back to my usual activities right away (no downtime!)  

I also got to take home this incredibly soft and comfy Marie France robe and towel set!

Believe it or not, the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF has the power to re-sculpt your curves and get rid of up to 3cm from your body area of choice in a single session!

Ideally, the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF should be considered by women of average weight who want to develop a more shapely body contour. The Marie France Ultrashape-VDF would also be perfect for those who have problem areas, like bulging tummies, thick thighs, muffin tops, and love handles. Women who are overweight and do not want to resort to surgery to get the body that they want may also try the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF.

 The friendly and accommodating staff of Marie France Eastwood!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!


Do you want to try out the Marie France Ultrashape-VDF yourself? When wanting a flatter tummy, slimmer and smoother thighs or a re-sculpted body When in Manila, just get a free consultation at Marie France!

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Marie France Eastwood

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Marie France Ultrashape-VDF: Liposuction without the Suction

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