Maria Ozawa On One-Night Stand With Cesar Montano: “It Was Just A Joke”

You know about that thing where Maria Ozawa supposedly admitted to having a one-night stand with “Nilalang” co-star Cesar Montano? Yeah, apparently, she was just joking around, which everyone did not get.

Although the internet went, ahem, wild over her supposed revelation after she guested on Good Times With Mo and participated in the notorious Forbidden Questions segment, just a day after the popular Japanese actress quickly took to her Facebook page to clear the air.

Maria said:

Maria Ozawa Cesar Montano

“i saw the news earlier but it was a j/k [joke] and was just having fun w/ the whole topic , maybe more like [flirting] w/ the questions that MO was asking me b/c i though it would be a good [entertainment] for the show but now its breaking my heart b/c of what the media is saying.
Now i know….Learned a lesson.
nvr j/k arround w/ a [sensitive] topic.”

So apparently, everything was done all in good fun, and was just misinterpreted.

Good Times With Mo, a radio program hosted by Mo Twister, is notorious for its scandalous segment, Forbidden Questions, where guests are asked to answer some pretty personal and salacious questions.

Charged to experience, perhaps, Maria!

No worries — whoever you get under the covers with is ultimately none of our business.

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