Manila’s Top 10 Bars!



Manila’s Top 10 Bars!


Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a place that is well known for its exciting nightlife. If you plan on visiting this fun city because of this, you probably want to know what all the hottest clubs are. If you are planning a travel itinerary for your trip to Manila and you want to be sure your vacation includes visits to the best spots for nighttime fun in this lively city, this list of the top 10 bars in Manila should help you out.


1. Brewery.

If you want to enjoy some of the local beer while exploring Manila at night, you must stop in for a beer at Brewery. Brewery is located near the Hard Rock Cafe and it is a great place to enjoy a tasty microbrew.


2. TGI’s.

TGI’s is a great place for nighttime dining and drinking. Located just steps from both Brewery and the Hard Rock Cafe, TGI’s is a large restaurant that also caters to beer and wine drinkers. If you want to enjoy a handcrafted, local beer with a super scrumptious meal, you’ll definitely want to stop by TGI’s when you visit Manila.


3. Kipling’s.

Kipling’s is perfect for the cigar smoking, fine liquor drinking traveler. This exquisite bar offers a fine selection of the best whiskey and cigars in all of the Philippines. If you enjoy sipping high class whiskey while smoking the finest cigars, visiting Kipling’s is a must.


4. JJ’s.

If you prefer more of a quiet, laid back sort of bar, you’ll want to visit JJ’s. This bar serves up homemade specialties like cauliflower cheese in a relaxed atmosphere that can provide a peaceful oasis from the nosier clubs in Manila.


5. Conway’s.

While Conway’s is no longer the most popular bar in Manila, it is still quite popular with visitors. If you are looking for a great happy hour special, there is no other bar quite like Conway’s. For a flat fee, you can drink all the wine or beer you want between 3pm and 9pm.


6. Cave Werdenberg.

If your favorite alcoholic beverage is wine, you must visit Cave Werdenberg when visiting Manila. This cozy bar will offer you the opportunity to taste a variety of wines in a comfortable and inviting setting.


7. Handlebar Bar and Grill.

If you are the type of person who desires a bar with an edge, Handlebar Bar and Grill will be the perfect watering hole for you. Handlebar Bar & Grill is a biker bar that gives a total rock and roll vibe.


8. Heckle and Jeckle.

For the sports enthusiasts, there is Heckle and Jeckle. This bar is perfect for drinking and shooting a game of pool or watching a football or rugby game. Heckle and Jeckle is the perfect bar for the sports loving tourist.


9. Blind Pig.

Blind Pig can be hard to find, but if you find it you can look forward to drinking some of the best cocktails in Manila. Manila is a quiet bar that is frequented mostly by regulars, but it has a welcoming environment that will make anyone feel at home.


10. Museum Cafe.

If you want to dance and drink the night away in an elegant setting, visiting Museum Cafe is a must. Museum Cafe, located opposite Ayala Museum, usually has a DJ spinning music and is perfect for the dance party loving vacationer.


If you are planning the travel itinerary for your trip to Manila and you want to visit a bar that is certain to provide you with vacation memories to remember, you must visit a few of the above listed 10 bars. Manila is an exciting city that will afford you many opportunities for nighttime fun, especially at these 10 bars.



Manila’s Top 10 Bars!