Manila’s New Beauty Secret: Wink Laser & Wax Studio

When In Manila, skin is the inveterate constant. With our mostly hot, scorching weather (and humidity without apology), tank tops and tanned arms are commonplace. Living in a tropical cosmopolitan where heat is customary, more women – and men! – are turning to modern methods of hair removal for skin that’s smooth, fuzz-free, and expose-worthy. 

Like any practical, young woman I sought two standards for hair removal services: hygiene and affordability. Unfortunately, with only limited dedicated salons offering hair removal options in the city, I found that I often sacrificed one for the other… until now.

Despite being located in upscale and trendy Bonifacio High Street Central in Taguig, Wink Laser & Wax Studio is tucked discreetly behind the doors of C2 Building with nothing more than a modest, inconspicuous standee looping you in Metro’s newest beauty secret. And with its already substantial stream of loyal converts (Wink opened only last November 2012), the rumors seem to hold nothing but truth.


Holly Chang, owner and ambassador of Wink Laser & Wax Studio, introduced the business after her own prolonged struggle with finding quality yet affordable hair removal services in the country. Armed with passion, know-how and international expertise, she launched Wink with a small but highly-trained team and a stringent dedication to hygiene.

My Wink experience was nothing short of excellent. The interiors were trendy and immaculate while remaining warm and soothing. I decided to try their waxing services. Cherry, my hair removal therapist, ushered me to a clean, well-lit room that reminded me slightly of a doctor’s office minus the clinical milieu. With a clipboard in hand, she conducted a short interview of my background and history, making sure I would encounter no problems or negative reactions with the service. She talked me through the process, explaining the steps in detail, and handed me an aftercare FAQ. 

Everything was immaculately sterilized. Disposable paper sheets covered the waxing bed, ensuring optimum hygiene for each and every client. Wink uses a professional waxing system that utilizes hard wax for sensitive areas and soft wax for bigger areas. Sheets, towels, and spatulas are also never reused. Upon inspection, I noticed that tweezers and other waxing implements were also sealed. I was impressed.

The service was quick, without hitch, and relatively painless. Pre and post-wax care products were applied before and after the procedure to protect my skin. My comfort was prioritized and ensured the entire time, with Cherry taking the time to patiently answer any questions I had. She was smart, knowledgeable, and professional. I learned soon afterward that Wink’s team is composed of highly trained individuals, some of them coming from fields of medicine. Cherry herself, was a registered nurse, and I rested easy – I was clearly in good hands. A few days after the service, Cherry messaged me to inquire about my post-wax state and whether or not I had any concerns. Customer service at Wink truly goes the extra mile. 


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