Manila Yacht Club Allegedly Barring Bike Lanes

Seems like not everyone is apparently onboard with pedestrian and bike-friendly lanes, even just after a recent story on a cyclist who passed away in an accident along Macapagal a few weeks ago made the rounds.

Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring bike lanes

Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring bike lanes 3

Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring bike lanes 4

Popular cultural activist and performer Carlos Celdran posted on his Facebook page about Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring the bike lanes and pedestrian walkways that are supposed to be provided along Roxas Boulevard, apparently in order to preserve their “historical parking lot” and driveway for their club members.

Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring bike lanes Carlos Celdran

This is, as Carlos pointed out, in spite of the fact that Manila Yacht Club does not own the land in front of them.

Manila Yacht Club allegedly barring bike lanes 5

Here is Carlos’ full post on his page:

It’s Monday, everyone. Time to get pissed off.
Puñeta of the Day.

Should you be biking or walking down the beautifully renovated Roxas Boulevard and wonder everything abruptly ENDS somewhere between Quirino Avenue and the CCP, let me tell you the reason why.

Well, it seems that the “members only” MANILA YACHT CLUB is hindering the Roxas Boulevard regreening project. A little insider birdie tweeted that apparently the management of MYC do not want to have BIKE LANES and PEDESTRIAN walkways running by the entrance of their precious club.

I was told that they even have gone so far as to convince people in power to STOP the renovations in order to keep their “historical” parking lot and driveway for their wealthy club members. All this even despite the fact that they DO NOT OWN the land in front of them. We taxpayers own that land.

This infuriates me and I hope this infuriates you too. In this day and age where Manileños are desperately trying use alternative transport in order to lessen traffic and create a cleaner city, it seems that Manila’s fucking elites are doing the best they can to keep their status quo and are twisting the rules to benefit themselves once again.

PEOPLE of MANILA. Cyclists are BEING KILLED on our streets because we don’t have proper lanes. We need civilized sidewalks and bike paths not now but YESTERDAY. Mobility is a human right and it is being denied to us by fucking bratty boys with overpriced toys.

We need to protest against this antiquated elitist unsustainable mindset that has plagued our city for generations and reclaim Manila’s streets for PEOPLE. Not SUVS.

Please pass this to all bikers and pededstrians. I demand that the YACHT CLUB make a statement. This situation is unacceptable. I want to hear their f**king excuses.


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Is it true that Manila Yacht Club doesn’t want bike lanes in front of their club? Whatever the case is, the metro could certainly benefit from having more bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks.

What do you think of this? Do you agree with Carlos that Manila Yacht Club should release a statement?