Manila’s Own Spider-Man: Bus Conductor Climbs Over Passengers To Collect Fare

In the Philippines, bus fares are often collected by conductors throughout the journey. In Metro Manila, this task is growing increasingly hard because of the overcrowding in our public transport, prompting bus conductors to start getting more creative. Recently, a post that showcased this “creativity” has started circling the internet. Rene Rivera uploaded photos of his bus conductor climbing the bus’ overhead railing just to squeeze through the rush hour crowd that boarded his bus.

The post has been shared over 12k times and counting. Some netizens have given the conductor the monicker of ‘Spider-Man’ because of how he’s able to move in a spider-like fashion much like the Marvel hero. However, this viral post also opened the topic of how poor the public transportation system in the Metro is. While the initial reaction is to laugh, people soon realize that this exemplifies the state of our daily commutes.

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