MangoRed : A Deviant Take on Creative Photography at DesignTalks, Ayala Museum

When in Manila and looking for a flavorful way to capture your love story, it’s a definite must to check out the MangoRed crew! With their unique take on prenuptial and wedding photography, they’ve been continually making waves in the creative industry since 2008; needless to say, they’re going to be worth your attention!

So, given their ongoing success, Ayala Museum brought MangoRed to their DesignTalks lecture series last August 18; an affair that aims to not only promote MangoRed more to the local scene, but also to inspire Filipino artists who are aspiring to succeed in wedding photography.

Their unique name, which was simply ‘born’ from a whimsical conversation about mangoes, MangoRed was started by two brothers: Ryan and Randall Dagooc. As of today, they’re a crew made up of several photographers, stylists, illustrators and layout artists. 

Now I’m definitely not in the marrying age yet, nor am I planning to get hitched this soon, but like any other girl, I get all  sappy when it comes to weddings; I would occasionally like to look at photos surrounding such an event,  may it be of strangers or of people that I know. So when I learned of MangoRed and saw their wonderful portfolio, I just knew—and I’m not even kidding about this one—that they’re going to be the team that I’d hire in my future wedding! (Which I hope… doesn’t happen too soon! Haha!)

Why MangoRed? Well, first, they capture weddings in such vibrant and unconventional ways. It’s amazing how they could draw a fine line between ‘just documenting‘ and actually immortalizing celebrated events into still frames. I even love how they could make a couple’s personality shine in the photos! Versatile and innovative when thinking of themes to  best represent the bride and the groom, MangoRed could go from vibrant to dark, bubbly to rebellious, modern or classic, clean or rustic—and more!

I could go on and on (and on!) about why they’re such a cool team, but I guess you should check them out for yourself to know full well why I love them!

Photos above are from MangoRed’s portfolio.

The speaker for this lecture was Randall and he talked about their beginnings, struggles, fears, failures, and triumphs—he told this with seriousness, but with much more humor! So the overall feel of the affair wasn’t stiff. This was a bit expected since from what I hear, MangoRed is a really fun crew! For instance, before they usually start a shoot, they would always try to get to know the clients first and bond with them; this is for them to get an overall feel of their client so they’ll know best how to deal and represent them.

Randall on stage and the guy in the background screen is Ryan.

At the end of the lecture, there was a Q&A portion and most of the questions directed to Randall were more about how MangoRed handled their client base—now of course, I had to throw one at him, so I asked what was the most incredulous thing that they’ve ever done for a client. Randall said that there had been a lot of interesting concepts that they’ve dealt with over the years so it’s hard to tell which exactly. Still, they try to always conceptualize a shoot that best reflects the couple. So usually, the concepts are founded from their client’s vision and to which the MangoRed team would work on improving or recreating.

However, there were times when clients would want a concept that doesn’t suit them. We’re game for anything, but if it comes to cases like that..we’d often have to decline!” He said with a laugh. So yes, there were times that they would have to refrain from doing a shoot; nevertheless, they always discuss things with their client.

The lecture ended with an opportunity to see some of the props that MangoRed uses in their shoots:

(FYI, the DesignTalks of Ayala Museum is a series of lectures that feature premier speakers who have made their mark in the art industry. Ayala Museum also has other programs like st’ART, History Comes Alive!, and more!)

Overall, When in Manila and you’d want to be abreast with the latest updates from the art industry, then the place-to-be is Ayala Museum. But When in Manila and wanting to have a fun, deviant, and timeless representation of your wedding, then MangoRed is the perfect team that could do that task for you!




Check them out here:
Landline +632 631 3060
Mobile +63 927 961 2882
Studio Address: #28A General Capinpin Street
San Antonio Village
Pasig City, Philippines 1600



When In Manila photos and write-up by ‘I am Aileen’.


 WHEN IN MANILA | MangoRed : A Deviant Take on Creative Photography at DesignTalks, Ayala Museum


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