This Mandala Beach Towel from Wander Collections is So Instagrammable!

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines comes with its ups and downs. For one thing, our weather is a toss between hot, humid or both; but on the flip side, we have tons of pristine and lovely beaches to explore. In fact, you don’t need to go too far for that perfect getaway. There are many beaches that are accessible by car or by boat. And if you can’t get away (see what I did there?) because of work or responsibilities, you can always enjoy a little bit of poolside fun instead. Plus, with the right accessories, you can get some great photos along the way!

One of the most underrated accessories is a beach towel, which can actually be more than just something to keep you dry. They can also serve as props, especially if they come in lovely colors—just like this Mandala Beach Towel from Wander Collections.

Wander Collections 3

Sky Mandala modeled by Raina Puyat

Wander Collections is a treasure trove for those who love to travel. Established in January 2018 by Jhelyn Dalupang, Wander Collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that the owner herself accumulated during her travels.

Items under Wander Collections include handcrafted pieces with a bohemian design and vivid colors—all of which are made with handprinted natural fibers and traditional hand embroidery. What sets their items apart from everyone else is that everything is ethically-produced. That’s because Jhelyn advocated for a fair labor system, supporting the craft of skilled artisans in India by selling their handicrafts. Also, each mandala is made with natural fibers in a move to lessen the use of fossil fuels and help the environment.

Wander Collections 9

The word mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. It often comes in intricate, repetitive and very uniform designs to signify oneness with the universe. Mandalas come with a wealth of history and cultural significance built on healing and meditating. To this day, mandalas are used in jewelry, tattoos, clothing, and even in coloring books because there’s just something soothing about the balance of the shapes and lines that form them. Mandalas are subtle, and often accentuate the subject or add a pop of color without overpowering it.

What I love about the Mandala Beach Towel from Wander Collections is that it’s breathable and quick-drying. And because it is made with 100% cotton; it’s soft, lightweight, and easy to bring around on trips. Aside from putting it on the sand, I can use the Mandala Beach Towel in many ways: as a coverup, a mat, or even a blanket. Plus, it’s sand-free, which means that dirt and sand just slide off of it.

My OC heart is happy!

The possibilities are endless with a Mandala beach towel. Here are some pegs that you can try for that Insta-worthy photo:

Wander Collections 4

How about a cute photo with your pet? Raina poses on the Sky Mandala with Sasha the poodle.

Wander Collections 6

Try holding a refreshing drink! You’ll definitely need it in this heat. Don’t forget to drink lots and stay hydrated, everyone!

Wander Collections 8

You can also try a backshot overlooking the view of the pool (or ocean!)

Wander Collections 10

How about a fierce look? Raina holds up the Sky Mandala in this shot, partially obscuring her face.

Wander Collections 1

When in doubt, you can always do something as simple as lying down on the mandala. The bright colors and a happy smile are enough for that picture-perfect photo.

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Wander Collections’ line of Mandala beach towels can help you feel good ethically and aesthetically. Get one today!

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