Man walks 120km home to avoid infecting others with COVID-19

To avoid infecting other people with COVID-19, this Malaysian man walked over 120km for three days. The man, Alixson Mangundok, 34, returned from working in Japan to Kota Kinabalu.

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According to reports, he returned home last March 25. He was going back to his hometown, Kota Marudu, and chose not to use public transport nor ask his relatives to fetch him from the airport. In an interview, he said that even if he didn’t show any symptoms, he still decided to travel by foot. Mangundok also mentioned that he is used to walking long distances from his hunting and farming days.

During his journey, a dog came up to him and started tagging along. Initially, he thought that the dog will just go away. But when Mangundok noticed that it continued walking beside him, he decided to adopt him and named it Hachiko (after the famous Japanese Akita dog known for its loyalty).

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The pair continued to walk until Mangundok’s brother found out that he had been walking for days. His brother then arranged for a car to pick him up and drive them both home.

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