Man Is Attacked By Girlfriend After Calling Her Fat For Wanting Ice Cream

A man in Henan, China was reportedly violently attacked by his girlfriend after he made fun of her weight. TVBS reports that he made fun of her for “being fat and still wanting to eat ice cream” which triggered her into stabbing him with a pair of scissors. They had only been in relationship for less than a month.

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The woman apparently did not attack her boyfriend right after the comment was made, as she went out of her way to purchase a pair of scissors from a nearby store first. She then reportedly stabbed the man 4 times on the street, with no mind to the people around her. Onlookers immediately called for the police and an ambulance but by the time they arrived, the damage was done.

Unfortunately, the stabbing proved fatal despite being rushed to a hospital. Though paramedics issued emergency care and swiftly took him to the hospital for treatment, the man had lost too much blood.

Meanwhile, the woman who committed the crime attempted to escape after the act. She was easily caught by authorities and is now under arrest pending further investigation.

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