Malayan Colleges Laguna celebrates CAS Week 2019: KATHA

Malayan Colleges Laguna holds one of the most awaited college weeks in the institution – the College of Arts and Science week with a four-day Philippine x street culture-themed event entitled “CAS Week 2019: KATHA.”

Happening this April 23-26, Katha, by the College of Arts and Science Student Council puts all its effort to guarantee students will not only satisfy their creative minds through various arts and science-engaged activities but seminars that will raise social awareness especially with the approaching elections this May. A lot of whole new level of knowledge and amusement not limited to the students of the college but for the whole MCL student body and guests as well.

Kicking off the college week will be the first-ever CAS Street Art in Malayan Colleges Laguna, wherein 2018 Vans Custom Culture Artist, Nikko Samson, is set to participate in the live art exhibit, along with many more local artists like Lana Afable, Gilliane Mae Hechanova, Nissah De Mesa, Angelica Abad and MCL-CAS’ very own Darren Bacani, Edmund Gabriel Dela Cruz, and Tommy Lee Santos. The exhibit will feature arts revolving around the theme of the event, mainly on social issues that will awaken MCL’s consciousness on taking necessary steps in their efforts to address these. The College of Arts and Science week is also known for pulling the first-ever Tekken Tournament in the institution, which will still be pulled this year for all students. As well as the 3×3 basketball tournament, wherein 2 groups of 3 players will vie for a championship under a 10-minute basketball game. A CAS Exhibit showcasing the limitless artistic talents of the students from the college, will be displayed throughout the week at the ETY lobby. While, different CAS student organizations will also hold events in line with the college week’s theme, the Malayan Haus of Fashion and Arts (MHFA) with their theme “Haus Extravaganza”, aims to highlight, celebrate and honor the drag and ballroom culture in their fashion show, featuring a live performance by drag queens, made possible by talented artists from MCL. “Ugnayan” by MCL’s film organization, Pilak, will showcase a collaborative event among filmmakers and other fields of art. They will also offer the first-ever Netflix film show featuring the 2018 interactive film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, to be held in the Francisco Balagtas Auditorium.

Series of talks on social issues like sexual harassment, SOGIE orientation, HIV/AIDS, and voter education will also take place in the auditorium.

Finally, the most sought-after night of the college week the “CAS Night: (KATHA)rsis” music fest, will feature performances by indie artists Muni-Muni and many more.

Also, a Philippine x Street culture-themed merchandise such as shirts, lanyards, and totebags, will be sold and made available at the event which is open to the entire MCL community as well as outsiders.

This year’s College of Arts and Science week was definitely ensured by the CAS Student Council to leave the students seeking for more!

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