Making the Most Out of Your Commute: Music, Healthy Eating, and More

The word commute may conjure bad experiences of traffic and long lines. Whether you take public transportation, walk, or drive, the road to work is a challenge in the Philippines.

Among commuting options, public transportation may probably be the most time-consuming, and draining. But keeping yourself occupied can help distract you from unpleasant rush-hour experiences, while also giving you the opportunity to be productive.

Here are some things you can do to make your commute bearable:


Whether it’s a book or on your phone, the morning commute is a perfect time for you to catch up on the world or escape to a fantasy one. Not to mention, reading improves knowledge and is a proven way to release stress.

Create a to-do list

Organizing your tasks for the day while in transit can help you get started quickly when you finally reach work. To-do lists help organize your brain and set goals to achieve throughout the day.

Catching up

This takes a substantial amount of time at work so, if you have pressing deadlines, using your commute to check or reply to e-mails gives you more time to get more work done.

If you’re walking to work, you are already ahead of the curve by choosing an active option! Whatever your age, walking is always a good idea as it strengthens your heart, clears your head, and saves you money.

But you can make walking more fun by:

Listening to podcasts

The past few years have been an amazing time for podcasts. Whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find a pod that’s entertaining and informative.

Chatting with family and friends

A quick convo with your nearest and dearest will help remind you there is a world outside the office walls!

More for the road! Whether you’re driving, riding, or walking, here are some other stuff that’ll surely brighten up the day.

Play some music

You can never go wrong by listening to your favorite songs, music helps engage your brain while also having a relaxing effect.

Take a moment

Living in an age of technology, everything is constantly on the go, which means that we rarely have time to reflect or simply do nothing. While there are ways to make your commute productive, taking time to be alone and within yourself is never a bad idea.

Lastly, have a healthy start to the day!

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